Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Elimination Results Out

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: This is the time to vote for your favourite contestant in Bigg boss now. Bigg Boss Telugu is now being aired all over the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.Bigg Boss Telugu vote online

Flash News– Sanjana is out of Bigg Boss House Season 2

Vote for Bigg Boss Season 2 now by following the below instructions carefully.

Nani replaced NTR as the host of Bigg Boss Telugu show. He is good and generating few laughs here and there for real.

The contestant for Bigg Boss Show Season 2 is Geetha Madhuri, Nutan Naidu, Babu Gogineni, Amit Tiwari, Deepthi Nallamothu, Tanish Babu, Roll Rida, Bhanu Sri, Shyamala, Kireeti Damaraju, Deepthi Sunaina, Tejaswi Madivada, Samrat Reddy Kaushal Manda, Ganesh and Sanjana.

You may know few names and personalities from the names mentioned above. However, if you like to know about each of them in detail, don’t go anywhere just read the info about each of them here. Scroll down to know the info regarding Bigg Boss Telugu vote.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Telugu – Online Voting Poll

Follow the below instruction to vote for your favourite Bigg Boss Contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Rules:

  • All the Contestants will be given same treatment irrespective of their celebrity status
  •  Lapel should be with Bigg Boss Contestants all the time.
  • Only Telugu must be spoken in the Bigg Boss House.
  • No one is allowed to leave the house unless he faces the wrath of Bigg Boss Season 2 Elimination
  • No one should discuss his or her nomination process
  • No one goes to bed without the permission of Bigg boss

How to Vote Big Boss Telugu Vote Online :

  • Search in the Google for Big Boss Telugu vote or Bigg Boss Telugu voting or Voting Bigg Boss Telugu
  • Go to the relevant page where you can find the contestant who appeared for the public poll
  • Per Day from One E-mail, you can cast 50 votes. You can split the 50 Number the way you like.
  • After completing Casting 50 Votes submit and finish the voting process
  • Remember the voting process will be available only from Monday to Friday Midnight.
  • You have to cast your vote in the middle the clock tick off

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Elimination

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: All the watchers will be voting Bigg Boss Telugu every week. The Bigg Boss Contestant who gets less number or the minimum number of votes will be eliminated. The contestant who faced the wrath of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 elimination will be out of Bigg Boss House.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online – Bigg Boss Latest Promos:

Geetha Madhuri is a famous singer from Telugu Cinema. She sung so many songs and Pakka Local from Janatha Garage is my favourite. She is the famous singer of Tollywood who has the capability of singing songs in all the South Indian Languages namely Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. She is the Shreya Ghosal of South India.

Amit Tiwari is the Villain seen mostly in Trivikram Srinivas movies. He is one of the favourite villains of South India. Besides doing the negative roles, Amit Trivedi used to do the comic roles too. He is expected to be the toughest competitor of Bigg Boss Telugu season.

Deepthi Nallamothu is the TV9 anchor from Vijayawada. She also acted in few movies namely Bhadra and Shankar Dada MBBS. She is known for her cuteness and her voice is the melody. She has got the fans all over the Andhra Pradesh and let us see how far this TV Anchor could move on.

Tanish is one of the finest actors of the Tollywood. He did child characters and the famous ones are Devullu and Manmadhudu movie. Both these movies will remember you about this guy. He also did few movies as a hero and became successful with his first movie itself named Nachavule directed by Ravi Babu. The interesting thing here is Nani and Tanish did Multi-Starrer for the movie named Ride and now Tanish is the contestant whereas Nani is the Host of the Big Boss Season 2 Telugu.

Babu Gogineni is the modern age Socrates for Telugu people. He is the one who believes in Truth. He drinks eat and breathe the Truth even. He is doing a very vital role in the present day society by eradicating all the social evil practices. My favourite Bigg Boss Contestant for sure.

Roll Rida is the rapper from Telangana. He is famous for his work Patang song. This song made him famous and he has worked with Popular Telugu Heroes  Akhil Akkineni like and Junior NTR. Telangana people are giving him a huge support.

Bhanu Sri is one of the actresses from Tollywood and she has made her own mark in Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu. Let us see how she perform in Bigg Boss.

Shyamala is the anchor for most of the Telugu movie audio functions. She even acted in few Telugu movies. She has got fan base for sure and let us hope she wins Bigg Boss title.

Kireeti Damaraju is one of the actors in Bigg Boss Show. He used to do friend roles and we could see him in Vunnadi Okate Zindagi movie.

Deepthi Sunaina who is predominantly known as Insta Queen is the toughest Bigg Boss Contestant for sure. To defeat her we have to defeat her Instagram Army first.

Tejaswi Madivada is the famous actress from Tollywood who debuted with Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalli Chettu movie. She could win Bigg Boss Prizemoney.

Samrat Reddy is the friendly guy from Tollywood. He did so many friend roles and now he in Bigg Boss House to test his luck. Let us hope he will win the match.

Kaushal Manda used to negative roles and he seems to be one of the hardest rock to crack in Bigg Boss House.

Ganesh is the common man and who has not got any celebrity status. But he is doing well and also getting a good number of Bigg Boss Votes.

Sanjana is the Miss Hyderabad Beauty Pageant in 2016. She is doing well by the by.

Nutan Naidu is the final contestant and got fans with his special AV.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 2 Online Poll (Unofficial)

This is an unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu voting online poll and want you to follow the above instructions to vote for Bigg Boss Contestant.

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Read About Bigg Boss Season 1 Below:

Hey, everyone, you may be a fan of Bigg Boss NTR. How o Bigg Boss Vote Telugu is explained here. The show started on 16th July 2017 and continuing its telecast. We all are aware that Bigg Boss is a game show of eliminating contestants and the contestant who lasts at the end without getting eliminated will be the winner and he wins the Prize. Each week there will be an Elimination poll. But most of us are not aware of those full details.

Finally, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 1 is Siva Balaji. Congratulations sir!

“Scroll Down to Check the contestant name eliminated from Bigg House Today – Archana Vs Deeksha”

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Online Full Details

This article will help you to go through those details like Star Maa Big Boss Telugu Vote – Online Voting Pole , Missed Call , Elimination Details. So get ready to fill your brain now.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Poll

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote game started as 14 Contestants staying for 70 Days. But one of the contestants will get eliminated each week. This elimination will be done on the number of votes contestants getting in voting mechanism.

For expelling someone from the show Every housemate was asked to nominate two other co-participants. The person who receives most number of votes from the housemates will get nominated for the public poll.

Week 9 Eviction : Four contestants Archana, Diksha Panth, Adarsh and Hari Teja has been nominated for the eviction. They went for the public polling this week. The poll will be available from Monday. Those who want to use their vote to save their favorite Big Boss contestants must cast their vote in between Monday Evening to Friday Midnight. You can cast your vote either by Online voting or Missed call.

Result: Exclusive information we got from the Bigg Boss Team that “DEEKSHA” got eliminated from the bigg boss house today.

Who is the Bigg Boss Telugu Title 1 Winner- Vote here:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Bigg Boss Telugu Online Vote Method in Detail :

Bigg Boss is a very interesting show these days. Every house maker and every working human. Comes to Home relax themselves to watch Bigg Boss in Maa TV. One of the main reason for the success of this Bigg Boss show is Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao aka Junior NTR. This guy has made this show look wonderful and also increased the TRP ratings of STAR MAA.

As the contestants come to Public Poll by getting nominated by Housemates have to face Public Poll. Now the viewers who are watching the show will be asked to vote for their favourite contestant. Based on the votes the contestants nominated gets in the public poll the elimination will be done. If the contestant gets the minimum number of votes that’s it she must leave Bigg boss house.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Missed Call Voting Process

You can vote your favorite Bigg Boss contestant by giving a missed call. Ya that’s it. You just have to dial the number I am going to mention below and give a missed call to that number so that your Favorite contestant escapes from Elimination.

Name of The Contestant Missed Call Phone Number
Archana 08433900160
Hari Teja 08433900171
Adarsh 08433900172
Diksha Panth 08433900165

So Here are the missed call numbers of four contestants who came to elimination list of Bigg Boss House this week. These four contestants stood in the race till a ninth week and now it is time that one of these four Big Boss contestants must leave the show. But who will be that one person is the interesting thing to watch. It is very injustice to pluck of a participant who stood in the race till today. But according to the game rules Oh god it must happen yar. One of them must be eliminated.

See You can, however, help your favourite contestant of the Bigg Boss show from getting eliminated. But what is the deal? How one can be protected from the wrath of elimination. It is simple you provide them with this shield. My words may be little confusing and irritating for you. Let me make it simple for you.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote: You can protect your contestant by just giving a missed call to the number I mentioned in the table above. For suppose If you want to vote Archana give a missed call to 08433900160. If you want to protect Hari Teja from getting eliminated give a missed call to 08433900171 . Also Adarsh was your favourite contestant from Bigg Boss show just give a missed call to this number 08433900172. Diksha Panth is your Favorite contest Oh then don’t wait give a missed call to this phone number – 08433900165

Bigg Boss Eliminated Contestant List :

Here is the list of the Bigg Boss eliminated contestants. Jyothi got eliminated in the week 1. Madhu Priya in week 2 and Sampoornesh Babu left the show same week. Sameer in week 3 and Mahesh Kaththi got eliminated in the following week no 4. Mumaith Khan got eliminated in week 5. Dhanaraj and Kathi Karthika joined the list next. Recently Prince got eliminated who was unexpected. Everyone thought that Prince will be a tough competitor in the Bigg Boss show. But beating all those expectations he got eliminated previous week.

Now it is four other Bigg Boss Contestant in the list namely Archana, Adarsh , Hari Tej and Diksha Panth. I am not going to support anyone because it is not a good job to do so. Keep your mind free, you know whom you like most. Ask yourself for your favorite Big Boss contestant. Once you got his or her name in your mind proceed to vote for him and so that help that contestant not getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss show.


Just scroll up and find the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Procedure. Just follow the missed call system to vote for your favorite contestant from Bigg Boss show.

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