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Bunny ‘Cap Tricks’ gets 2.5 Million hits

Bunny ‘Cap Tricks’ gets 2.5 Million hits

Bunny aka Allu Arjun, one of the stylish actors in Telugu film industry won the hearts of over 2.5 million fans with his unique and spectacular cap trick which has gone viral on social media.

Bunny always strived to give something news to his audience and films- in dance steps, stunt scenes or even in style mannerisms in every one of his films.

In his latest film Na Peru Surya with Anu Emmanuel, the stylish star has enacted the ‘cap-trick’ in the glamour song- ‘Lovers also, fighters also’ which has gone viral. the cap trick is not said to be 100 % original and not a camera trick.

Very recently the film crew released short video clippings of all the efforts made by Bunny to get perfect timing and steps with the cap trick to convince the audience and fans that it was original effort of their favorable actor.

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