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Vishnu Manchu Expresses Displeasure about MAA knee-jerk action

‘It is my prerogative, to decide whom I should choose to act or not act,’ says the actor, shooting off a letter to the association. The need of the hour is to set strict membership protocols and establish a grievance cell.

Actor and Producer Vishnu Manchu expressed great displeasure the way Movie Artist Association had handled a non-member issue, following a growing outrage that was smeared all over.

According to a letter that he sent out to the association Vishnu said the association was formed to rise to the cause of welfare of the members of Telugu film industry and also extend societal services besides supporting Government in times of severe disasters and natural calamities. It is this guiding principle that led many artists join the association and its membership.

“The recent episode involving a non-member with MAA puzzles me’, said the actor. He quoted the sudden press conference that the association held first urging that 900 members of the association boycott the agitated artist by not acting with her. While it is a clarion call, he said the members included his father, brother, sister and himself are actor/ producers and it is their prerogative with whom to act.

Following the boycott, MAA called for yet another press conference and took a U-turn to revoke the ban which surprised many including us. Such decision has put the respectful association in a bad light with media and millions across the world.

‘Because of your decision we have been embarrassed nationally,” actor Vishnu Manchu stated on the decision made by the association on recent outburst by an artist who is not a member yet.

He went on to state that the association must set right the guidelines on who can have memberships. Citing 24Crafts production/Dance/Fight unions guiding principle that follow stringent rules and regulations.

With allegations and exploitations of women and men in the name of our film industry making unpleasant news now, the film chamber must set up a grievance cell beyond MAA; MAA alone cannot be a single party to this. The actor added, “restraint is needed in matters like this, not knee-jerk reactions.”

He is hoping that association will respond to his note of grievance and displeasure immediately.

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