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Spontaneity and 5 Qualities that made ‘Savirti’ a Mahanati

Spontaneity and 5 Qualities that made ‘Savirti’ a Mahanati

Spontaneity is an attribute of great actors and Savitri had this characteristic in abundance. Most popular veteran Hindi Actor Amitabh Bachchan had once said “Savitri was one of the first actresses with unbelievable Spontaneity.” Savitri gets the mood instantaneously and she does not have to wait. Her most noted act of spontaneity can be seen in films like Ardhangi, Mayabazaar, Kalathur Kannamma, Kai Kodutha Daivan and many others.

Another important trait of Savitri was her extraordinary Memory. She always remembered the dialogues, plans her role well in advance and never indulged in rehearsals according to industry veterans who had worked with her closely in many of her films.

Bringing the right Element of Balance to her acting was yet another quality that got her tremendous respect and awe in the industry. She always maintained the poise, timing and rhythm involving scores of shots.

She was a natural actor and always imbibed quality of Perfectness and right amount of emotions in every single shot or act in her films. In the widely acknowledge and hugely popular film ‘Mayabazar’ her act of impersonation is considered till date as ‘Iconic’.

Above all, the most striking attribute of Mahanati ‘Savitri’ is Professionalism. She always set aside all her personal ideas and beliefs if the scene calls for it. Being a staunch believer of Hindu customs, she acted as Mary in the film Missamma, a deeply religious catholic girl sinking deep into the character that even left the audience in reverence.

​Finally, Savitri is Captivating.​ A great actress, so convincing in every role she played that held every audience captive film after films.

​Savitri’s Biopic ‘Mahanati’ is a beautiful nostalgic film about the great actress. Keerthy Suresh as Savitri and Dulqer Salmaan in the lead, the film will also see Samanth Akkineni and Vijaya Devarakonda playing an important role.

Produced by Priyanka Dutt of Swapna Cinema, directed by Nag Ashwin, and presented by Vyjayanthi Movies, ‘Mahanati’ is slated for a world wide release on May 9.

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