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NHRC takes up Actress Sri Reddy case

NHRC takes up Actress Sri Reddy case

The NHRC has taken up a suo motto on the television anchor Sri Reddy case and termed her as a whistleblower about casting couch and sexual harassment in Telugu film industry within four weeks.

The NHRC said the Actress is pointing at the state government and the Movie Artists’ Association (MAA) on the failure of a mandatory committee against sexual harassment, due to which, she said, no woman can voice, or seek redressal of, complaints of sexual harassment at the workplace.

The NHRC the sanctions of MAA like barring her from acting in films and stopping others from working with her are violations of her right to livelihood and to live a life with dignity. The MAA has hurriedly withdrawn the sanctions yesterday.

The actress had staged a semi-nude protest outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce and an annoyed MAA not only dismissed her allegations but also declared that she will not be given membership under any circumstances.

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