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Sridevi , a sad actress who lived to fight society

Iconic actor Sridevi regarded as the first female superstar of Hindi cinema, Sridevi had done multiple Tamil, Telugu and Kannada movies before taking the Hindi film industry by storm.

I had interviewed her during the 1987 election campaign for Congress party in Tamil Nadu where she poured out her agony of breaking traditions and upstaging the practices in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu film industry.

‘ I am just a daughter from a higher middle-class family which practiced rigid customs and oriental traditions ‘ says Sridevi but she never looked back after she jumped into the whirlpool of the film industry since her age of 8 as Bhakta Prahalada.

I know people, particularly in Mumbai film industry talk about my ‘thunderous thighs ‘ rather than my talent in histrionics (Tamil Industry likes it) and my drooling dialogues (Telugu Industry), But I am a survivor and had to fight for my way to upstage established actors and make a mark. ‘

To suit the needs of the industry for slim, stony-faced, flat nosed girls, I had to undergo several face treatments, cut down eating and finally stay away from romantic life. I had so many lovers, fans, and wellwishers.

But no one came to my succor when I needed help- psychologically, financially and moral support when I needed after heartbreaks and days when I had nothing to eat and shelter to live in Chennai and Mumbai.

‘ I lived like a rat ( meeting hunger from anything ) wore threads and lived under plastic sheets for days ‘ she says remembering her bad days

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