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Review : Saptagiri LLB-Pass

Title : Saptagiri LLB Pass(2017
Star cast : Saptagiri,Kashish Vora,Sai Kumar others
Direction: Charan Lakkakula
Producer : D. Ravi Kiran
Music: Bulgani
Release Date -7-07-2017
Telugu Mirchi rating : 3/5

Saptagiri LLB is the second venture of hero Saptagiri after super hit film Saptagiri Express and a remake of the Bollywood super duper hit Jolly LLB. From the stable of Sai Celuliod Cinematic (Creations) Ltd and produced by popular homeopathic doctor DR .Ravikiran and directed by director Charan Lakkakula, the film has hit screens today. Let us see how the comic character Sapthagiri is smooth sailing as a Hero as well .

Story :

After LLB, Saptagiri succeeds in resolving many rows in his village but fails to win any case in the courts and hence was not getting many cases.To change his luck and get more cases and earn money he comes to City to practice and immediately lands with a hit and run case which is already dismissed in the court by Raj Pal (Sai Kumar) . However Saptagiri reopens the case and struggles to get at the source of the case and crosses with key architect of the case Raj Pal. He tries for a deal for Rs.20 lakhs with Raj Pal to give up the case .Whether Saptagiri really gives up the case or brings Raj Pal to law , is to be seen on the screen .

Plus Points :

Last 40 minutes, Sai Kumar and Saptagiri acting and Parchuri brothers dialogues

Minus factors :

Music, Lack of good comedy , routine first half .

Actors performance:

In spite of his debut as a comedian into industry, Saptagiri also excels as a hero. Having earned Kudos and good talk for his debut film Saptagiri Express, he is all set to repeat success in second venture as well .
After his entry showcasing comedy he has done serious scenes stunningly in the second half as well.
His performance in the last 40 minutes both in dancing with best steps and also acting has taken the film to new heights .
Sai Kumar has excelled himself in he Raj Pal the cunning lawyer and after a long gap he had earned whistles in the theatre .
Shivprasad has done justice to the Judges role.
There is not much to way about Kashish Vora, heroine or her acting.
Others Ravi Kale, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, LP Sriram and others have done their bit superbly.

Technical wing :

Music appears to be a big minus as both director and producers have not paid attention to music. People are leaving seats whenever songs come on screen.Both lyrics and music scored by Vijay Bulgani has failed to catch audience attention .

Photograqphy of Sarangam S R is ok.

Production values are also good.

Director Charan has done justice to super duper success of Jolly LLB in Hindi. though he has just repleted similar scenes as of the Bollywood film. He has balanced the film with correct dose of comedy, action and commercial angles. But the director ha faltered on the Music angle only.

Finally :

The Bollywood box office hit Jolly LLB has come to Telugu audience as Saptagiri LLB. Though not a staler, the film appeals to first time audience .Performance of Saptagiri and Sai Kumar are highlights of the film particularly the volley of words in the court scenes.Dialogue by Parchuri brothers is ok. Sadly the heroine has not much role. Director Charan with a remake subject has succeeded in his debut venture and framed it to suit the Telugu negative sentiments .

One could say finally that Saptagiri LLB has passed the audience test in theatres as he rightly did to judges principles in the court halls

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