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Rangasthalam’s Real Test To Begin Now

Rangashthalam-–Ram-Charan-Real-Test-To-BeginRam Charan had a few months back completed ten years in the industry. And in those years he has done only ten films. Among them two years he did not have any release. One can understand how slow he has been just based on this data.

What one can also infer from the same stats is the number of films that came with hype for Ram Charan. If we look at the stars entire career, only three films had a positive hype surrounding them apart from the debut. They are Magadheera, Orange, and Naayak. The rest always lacked something or were troubled in some ways.

Naayak was a film that came five years ago, and now after such a long gap, a Ram Charan movie is coming with a genuine hype around. It is Rangasthalam and right from the beginning there was curiosity on the project thanks to the combination and Charan’s getup.

A lot is hanging around the success of the film. It is equally crucial for both the actor and the director. A big all-around success is a must for them, especially for the star Rangasthalam is perfectly poised at achieving that. In less than twenty-four hours the first teaser will arrive. The first impression is vital to take the hype to the next level. Let us see what it has in store.

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