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Post Accident, Nani Assures Comeback in a Week

Post-Accident,-Nani-Assures-Comeback-in-a-WeekThis Republic Day, Nani’s fans have to hear some sad news that the natural actor’s car met with an accident during the early hours of the day. The car in which Nani was travelling hit an electric pole and got damaged.

Nani’s fans were naturally worried as the reports claimed that he was hit on the face. Giving clarity to the accident, Nani confirmed the accident and assured that he is okay, right now with only a few bruises. He also assured that he would be coming back to the sets of ‘Yuddham’ in a week.

Before this clarification from the star, there was a lot of ambiguity regarding the accident and Nani’s condition as only his driver was found beside the car, after the accident. Nani’s tweet brought a lot of relief to his fans who were really worried. We too wish him a speedy recovery.

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