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Poonam Kaur’s Thought Instigates Political Inundate

Poonam Kaur's Thought Instigates Political InundateNo doubt, after Mahesh Kathi’s serial episodes that followed for four months, Poonam Kaur has become one of those celebrities who is being keenly followed by Pawan Kalyan’s fans. Every thought of her shared on the social media is under the scanner.

Though she doesn’t tweet regularly, whenever she tweets, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are relating it to Pawan and trying to read her posts beyond the actual lines. When she shared a thought on her Twitter handle, immediately Pawan Kalyan’s fans could see indirect political intentions behind her thought.

The actress had to give an explanation about her intention. Nevertheless, Pawan’s fans seem not to be so happy about her explanations even. She questioned why people change their morale for the sake of money. Later she explained that it was directed at a father who sold his 14-year old daughter and now @21, she has a seven-year-old kid, now.

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