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Pawan Kalyan Breaks Silence on Mahesh Kathi

Pawan-Kalyan-Breaks-Silence-on--Mahesh-KathiAfter it looked like millions of years, finally, there is one official press note from Janasena Party vice-president B Mahender Reddy. In a way, it’s Pawan Kalyan’s first response to Mahesh Kathi’s issue that has become a nail in one’s coffin.

In an official press note, the fans and followers of Pawan Kalyan were requested not to respond to those criticisms that have hidden agenda to morally discourage the actual noble intentions of Janasena. The fans were asked to go through the earlier post from October 2017 that was released by Pawan Kalyan.

Will the fans listen to this press note and stop responding to Mahesh Kathi’s instigating comments? It isn’t an easy task as Mahesh Kathi has caught the right chord to instigate the fans. It will be a herculean task for the fans, for sure. Let’s see if this makes any difference.

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