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No One is Trusting Her about Sharing with Prabhas

No-One-is-Trusting-Arshi-Khan-about-Sharing-with-PrabhasEven after Big Boss bold contestant, Arshi Khan claimed that she has bagged a role in one of Prabhas’ upcoming movies, there is no official confirmation about the same from any source. Meanwhile, she is being trolled big time. Why?

It’s because many social media users aren’t in a mood to believe her because she is popular for her attention seeking techniques. These trolls doubted her and think that she is telling lies just for the heck of it. “If she is really seeking attention, then why Prabhas?” is the doubt of several people on the social media.

Many think that Prabhas is a megastar right now and hence, Arshi Khan wants to grab attention using his name. Some doubt, she might have bagged some horror movie and would be a playing a ghost. She is being made fun of for announcing that she bagged a role in Prabhas’ movie. As everyone expected when the media questioned her last night she said “We’re still in talks. If anything gets confirmed then I’ll definitely let you guys know.” 🙂

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