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Mia Malkova Vs Male Palakova, RGV Vs Surya Akondi

Mia Malkova Vs Male Palkova, RGV Vs Surya AkondiRGV is quite a name in the social media circles for his pure intentions to grab pure intention to grab attention @controversies. He is going to release his sensation ‘God, Sex & Truth’ at 9 a.m. today.

Meanwhile, we have a counter on RGV’s GST titled as ‘Gents, Sex & Truth’ from Surya Akondi. This guy has released a poster with the above-said title and with the caption ‘A philosophical treatise of Male Palkova’. Competition for Ram Gopal Varma!

While RGV’s web movie is coming today as a paid video in India for Rs. 150, the guys who are making ‘Gents, Sex & Truth’ are planning to release the teaser of their video in a couple of days. Sounds funny and interesting! RGV has the guts to explain everything in his own stride and can portray even nudity in a tasteful manner. Can these guys also live up to that same aesthetic sense as RGV?

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