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Mersal Review – Nothing Except Vijay

Mersal ReviewBOTTOM LINE
Nothing Except Vijay


‘U/A’Certified, 2 hrs 50 mins

VijayWhat is the film Mersal(Adhirindhi)about?
Maaran (Vijay) is a doctor who has other mysterious magician side to him. Or is there a twist? Who is Vetri (Vijay)? And how is everything related to Dr. Daniel (SJ Suryah) is what the film is all about?

How is Vijay’s performance?
Vijay is terrific in the film. He plays three different characters with élan. While we have seen all the shades previously, the director talent lies in the fact that he makes sure they come across fresh to fans and general audience.

As usual, the entertainer with mass touch Vetri wins over a classy and docile with a sincere approach Dr. Maaran. The third character rolls two of them together with an emotional touch. While Vijay as Vetri stands out in entertainment aspect and would be a fan favorite, the best memorable scenes are given to the other two characters. The crying scene in the hospital showcases the true range of performance of Vijay as an actor. Overall, Mersal is the kind of film that is often described as a one-man show by the lead actor.

AtleeDirection By Atlee?
Mersal is the third film of director Atlee after Raja Rani and Theri. We have to say regarding story it is the weakest and in fact, he has regressed in that aspect. With a thin story, as usual, he has to rely on the “star” to get things through, and Atlee is slowly but surely turning out to be a pro in that aspect.

The first half is a prime example to show Atlee’s grip on the commercial aspects involving a top star like Vijay. He narrates a routine and predictable story with a grip and interest that makes one look forward to the second half. The grand production values and entertainment laced with reality checks in between work well. However, the problem is again the combination itself. The director’s previous film is better on the same routine terrain. The “second” coming together robs off that freshness.

The real issue, however, lies in the second half of Mersal. It is as predictable as they come. One still wouldn’t mind it had the length been taken into consideration. We don’t get a respite, and that’s where the film falls. The lengthy, boring, and predictable flashback is an interest killer even for fans. The climax is then neatly wrapped up in typical and expected style. In the end, Mersal is a routine and boring flick and would have been a dead-on-arrival sort of situation, if not for Vijay. Now, it is all up to the star’s box office. Aside, the message regarding the medical system has been well delivered. Even though, it is also a predictable one.

Samantha AkkineniSamantha, Kajal and others?
When usually there is one Vijay itself, the entire film revolves around him, imagine if there are three? It is anyone’s guess. The others get relegated to the backseat. There is a whole array of stars, that includes, heroines, character artists, and villain. Still, except for villain SJ Surya and heroine Nithya Menen none manage to shine or be noticed.

Kajal and Samantha have minimal parts and most of that time is also taken up by songs. They have nothing to do performance wise. It is on that score Nithya Menen scores, but even she is given a very predictable role making her act look repetitive. SJ Suryah plays a typical villain with panache. Nothing is outstanding, but it isn’t forgetful either. Concerning the impact among his two villain acts, the Spyder one easily stands out. Vadivelu and Sathyaraj are adequate in parts.

AR RahmanMusic and other departments?
Musically, the work of AR Rahman can be divided into two parts, the songs, and the background score. He impresses with the BGM, but the songs are passable at best barring one. Technically the film is super slick with excellent cinematography. The editing could have been better, especially in the second half where there is a lot of drag. The choreography of songs is colorful, but only Macho song stands out.

Kajal AggarwalHighlights?
Vijay’s Triple Treat
Top Notch Production Values
First Half

Routine Story
Flat Narration
Second Half

VadiveluAlternative Take
As far as the alternative take is considered, writer Vijayendra Prasad is a master at that. Mersal is an alternative take on Jaguar which was an alternative take on Bengal Tiger. The screenplay and the setup changes while the core story remains the same.

Did I enjoy it?
In parts

Will you recommend it?
Only to die-hard fans

Mersal Review by KK

Mersal Review, Mersal Movie Review Ratings Tamil

– Very routine pre-climax and climax. Movie ends after Vijay delivering a good speech on corporate hospital system and how it is robbing the public.. Watch out for our frank review shortly.

– The hospital scene where Vetri (Vijay) cries uncontrollably shows the acting caliber of star Vijay.

– A very long Vetri Maaran episode ends and story switches to current. The whole episode is very predictable, nothing to rave about.

– Not just Kajal, Samantha Ruth Prabhu too has no importance in the film. Both have very brief run time. When compared to Kajal and Samantha Nithya Menen has got better screen presence.

– Vetri Maaran’s episode has a big drag. Village scenes are neither fresh nor engaging.

– Time for Vetri Maaran’s (Third Vijay) flash back. Nithya Menen is his wife.

First Half Report:

Though it’s routine, Mersal has a decent first half with couple of good songs and superb BGM. Interval bang is interesting. The main plot is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for second half report.

– Big twist revealed with Vetri’s (Second Vijay) entry.

– Heart breaking episode on how a private hospital trying to cash the life of a student girl met with a fatal accident. BGM is top notch in the following scene.

– Third song ‘Neethanae’ shot decently on Vijay and Samantha.

– Tara (Samantha) introduced as a Tv anchor interviews Vijay (Dr Maaran) on current medical system in India.

– Vijay and his friend Vadivelu back to India. Time for solo song, has routine mass dance moves.

– Magician Vijay kills a chief surgeon in a magic show, reasons kept as a suspense.

– Fist song “Macho” has decent choreography, Vijay’s dance is stylish.

– Love track between Vijay (Maaran) and Kajal is being established in foreign.

– Mersal show started with Vijay (Dr Maaran) one of the best surgeons in the world saving a foreign lady at airport.

Mersal US Premier Live updates will begin from 3.30 AM IST.  

Preview: Mersal

Diwali’s big release ‘Mersal‘ is coming to theatres and the US premieres will be screened on Tuesday while it will have Diwali release in India. It’s one more movie from the hit combo of Vijay and Atlee who delivered a super hit movie in their previous outing.

The highest grosser for mass star Vijay happens to be Atlee’s ‘Theri’ which was dubbed into Telugu as ‘Policodu’. Coming to ‘Mersal’, the movie boasts of good casting with three heroines Samantha, Nitya Menen and Kajal Agarwal.

Vijay’s triple roles are speculated heavily and are still a surprise as no details were revealed. The promotional teaser and trailer of the movie had given a positive buzz for the movie and Vijay fans are expecting nothing less than a blockbuster, this Diwali.

A. R. Rahman delivered music for ‘Mersal and this is his third movie for Vijay Ilayapathy. This is first big movie coming after Tamil Nadu government added local tax to already existing GST. There are high chances of creating the day-1 records and the rest will depend on the after-release buzz on the movie.

Tamil audiences are keen to know if Vijay could pull the trade record which Ajith’s movie ‘Vivegam’ failed to do. Speaking about the director, Atlee who had been the assistant director for AR Murugadoss is known to handle his stories well. ARM’s villain in ‘SPYder’ is playing the villain in ‘Meral’, as well.

For Telugu audiences, Vijay’s Diwali’s ‘Thuppakki’ is the highest grosser for the mass star and we are waiting to see if this movie dubbed as ‘Adirindhi’ in Telugu will surpass the collections of ‘Thuppakki’. Vijay is yet to make his mark in Tollywood like Rajinikanth and Suriya.

Overall, this movie might turn out to be a proper Diwali treat for Tamil audiences, especially, for Vijay’s fans. Will Vijay and Atlee deliver another blockbuster in their combination? How lucky will be this movie for Samantha for whom this is a big release after her marriage, in Tamil?

Wait for the most authentic review from Mirchi9. Stay tuned.


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