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Is SDT Entering Danger Zone?

Is-Sai-Dharam-Tej-Entering-Danger-Zone--InttelligentWhen an actor is dependent on combination more than the content, sooner or later he is going to find things getting tough. Few unsuccessful films in line and he would be very quickly written off. It is a danger zone and will need a phenomenal success to get things back on track. With Inttelligent, is Sai Dharam Tej entering such dangerous territory?

The upcoming film of Sai Dharam Tej is coming with a big name handling the project. It is VV Vinayak, one of the top director in Telugu cinema. Unfortunately, he has been going through a low phase, even though he is getting success now and then. The quality is not the same as it used to be before. Still, the brand name is working for him.

Sai Dharam Tej is at a stage where he needs an immediate success. It also needs to have a big bang opening to take care of the star position. But the movie is arriving in a challenging scenario with not much season help. A low opening followed by failure suddenly puts his career in a critical position.

One can’t help but feel if the release of the movie is rushed needlessly. A proper build up is lacking as the release is less than two weeks only. Multiple films are arriving with it, making things more complicated. Is this the effect of Jawaan? It was postponed and arrived single, but couldn’t create any impact.

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