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Hero Sits on the Floor After Suriya Falls on Fan’s Feet

Vijay Sethupathi Sits on the Floor After Suriya Falls on Fan's FeetLooks like the Tamil star heroes are winning fans with their simplicity and down to the earth nature. We have seen recently how Suriya fell on his fan’s feet when the fan tried to fall on Suriya’s feet and touch them.

Another Tamil hero is following the same simplicity. When Vijay Sethupathi was at a press meet, his fans asked him to sit and immediately the actor chose to sit on the floor and answer their questions. Needless to say, the fans were overwhelmed with his behavior and the video byte is going viral.

There is no fake acting and big dialogues to tell that they love their fans. Simple acts like falling on the feet of the fans and talking with fans sitting on the floor are winning the love of the fans for the kind of genuine behavior. This humbleness is one thing that must be learnt by other heroes, even.

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