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Gruham Review – For Horror Movie Lovers

Gruham Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
For Horror Movie Lovers


‘A’ Certified

SiddharthaWhat is the film Gruham about?
Strange things start to occur when new neighbors move besides the residence of Krishna (Siddharth) and Lakshmi (Andrea Jermiah). One by one everyone starts seeing ghosts. Why are the ghosts haunting the house and did everyone find a solution to it, is what the film is about?

How is Siddhartha’s performance?
Siddharth has two major shades in the movie. The first is usual lover boy role which he does with so much ease and charm even after a decade. The other shade is new for him, and it appears like he is overacting, but once one is used to the tone, it feels alright. For those who see Hollywood movies regularly, they can see the obvious inspiration.

Milind RauDirection By Milind Rau?
After making debut with a sweet romantic drama, director Milind Rau shifts gears entirely to a horror genre for his second. The good thing here, and also a fact that can’t be missed here is, the director avoids the comedy wholly. Gruham is an out and out horror movie in the real sense.

With that in mind, when we look at the film, the first half is a delight for horror movie lovers. It is slow, but there is an assured build up with several suspenseful and thrilling scenes. The tension is adequately built, and it reaches a crescendo at the interval mark. Right from the Jenny interaction with Dr. Prasad (Suresh) till the interval, one is at the edge of the seat.

The issues with the movie arise in the second half. The story stagnates, and we get back to back predictable thrills. Some of them feel overstretched due to the predictability factor. The core flashback is alright. The climax is neatly, but again predictably wrapped up. It seems like the movie was made to deliver a message or the idea of the film germinated in the first place to tell a message. Whatever it may be, Gruham is gripping mostly, even though the predictability aspect dilutes the impact.

AndreaAndrea and others?
Andrea Jeremiah plays the heroine, but it is not in the typical style. She is suitable for the role, but there is nothing much to do except act scared or put up a confused face. Anisha Angelina has a better character sketch in comparison, and she does her part well. Senior hero Suresh gets an interesting role, for a change, and he pulls it off without looking awkward anywhere. Atul Kulkarni gives a believable performance as usual. Avinash Raghudevan carries his role well, and so do the Chinese actors.

Girishh GMusic and other departments?
There is only one song in the narrative and its good. The background score is perfect for the genre. The cinematography is first-rate, and the editing is sharp. The dialogues are okay.

Atul KulkarniHighlights?
Genuinely scary moments

Horror clichés
Parts of second half

AnishaAlternative Take
The movie has been made sticking to the genre without any deviations. An alternative wouldn’t be much different, therefore, with only a change in the flashback.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Gruham Review by Siddartha Toleti


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