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Angel Movie Review – An Angel Of Boredom

Angel Movie ReviewBOTTOM LINE
An Angel Of Boredom


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 14 mins.

Naga AnveshWhat is the film about?
Nakshatra (Hebah Patel) is the daughter of Gandharva (Suman) and a divine being. One day she learns about human emotions and feelings and wants to experience them. Gandharva (Suman) gets angry and turns her into a statue and sends to Earth. What happens when Nani (Nag Anvesh) discovers it accidentally and how his life changes are what the film is all about?

How is Naga Anvesh’s performance?
Naga Anvesh is energetic, and that’s the best thing that can be said about him. He lacks the screen presence totally to pull off such a regular commercial hero with all songs and dances in place. No amount of beard can cover his baby face.

Bahubali PalaniDirection By Bahubali Palani?
Palani has a weak story at hand, and it could be salvaged in only one way, strong writing. That is far from the case here. Both the writing and screenplay feels non-existent, and there is no way a film is going to work with them failing.

What works in the film is few comedy bits here and there given the premise and looking at the overall picture in totality. There is another small bit that talks about the plight of farmers and how the roots of everyone eventually leads to a farmer or village. Apart from these things Angel has nothing to offer.

Angel also lacks the quality which few bad films have which put them in the enjoyment category only because of how bad they are. Angel is a tiresome film with predictable emotions and drama. A week from now no would even remember a movie like Angel ever releasing.

Hebah PatelHebah Patel and others?
Hebah Patel plays the title role, and it is around her character that entire film revolves around. She is okay without much acting requirement. It is her usual bubbly avatar in a different Angel setting.

Kabir Duhan Singh gets to play an interesting character for a change, even though it is very brief but again it turns out routine in the end. Two senior actors Sayaji Shinde and Pradeep Rawat overact to the hilt. It is as if there is no one to rein them and they are out of control. Sapthagiri is good in parts. The rest of actors have little impact.

Bheems CeciroleoMusic and other departments?
Music by Bheems Ceciroleo is passable. The background score is forgettable barring one recurring theme. The cinematography is bad. Editing should have been better. Dialogues are pedestrian. The visual effects are tacky.

Basic Concept

Everything Else

SumanAlternative Take
Given the basic premise, there should be a high emotional quotient when Angel becomes “normal.” Working on developing emotions with that aspect in a youthful approach avoiding the cliché commercial trappings would be an interesting alternative take.

Did I enjoy it?

Will you recommend it?

Angel Review by Siddartha Toleti


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