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‘300, Brave Heart and Gladiator now “Manikarnika”

Director Krish is continuing his different style of choosing stories in the midst of commercial movies all around, trying to bring originality to the film. That’s why he seems unique among everyone else in Tollywood. Following Satakarni in Telugu, he is now making the movie ‘Manikarnika’ in Bollywood.

The film is based on the life of Veeranari Jhansi Lakshmi Bhai and as one can imagine the war scenes are very crucial for her story. They only move the story forward. Krish is trying to portray them as realistically as possible. For that purpose, he has brought in Hollywood stunt choreographer Nick Powell and his team of 30.

Nick Powell has earlier worked for world popular movies like ‘300, Brave Heart and Gladiator.’ He and his team have trained the lead actor Kangana Ranaut and another 300 local fighters for the film. So, all the war sequences in the movie should be at another level compared to those on Indian screen till now, including Bahubali. Let’s wait and watch!

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