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PSV Garuda Vega

Director Praveen Sattaru has made different and unique films so far. Garuda Vega is another different film for him. On the other hand, hero Rajasekhar’s recent films bombed at ticket window. Let’s see how Garuda Vega in their combo has come out…


NIA undercover officer Sekhar (Rajasekhar) has family problems, so he decides to resign to his job. But, situations force him to involve in a national level issue. He gets an information that a bomb blast is planned in old city to kill opposition party leader Pratap Reddy (Posani Krishna Murali). Thankfully, they defuse the bomb and catch a unanimous youngster Niranjan (Adith Arun) who has a hard disc that contains top secret information. What is it? Who’s behind it? What is Pratap Reddy’s involvement in it?


1. Praveen Sattaru’s Direction

2. Rajasekhar’s Powerful Performance

3. First Half


1. Second Half

2. Lack Of Entertainment

3. Logics Missing At Places

Analysis :

You might be wondering what is PSV Garuda Vega? This can’t be revealed right now, but one has to watch the movie to know the secret. Director Praveen Sattaru didn’t waste much time as story has been portrayed from starting sequence itself. Movie starts with Adith Arun going to an internet center in Darjeeling to send details of some top secret information to somebody and demands hefty ransom from them. Since then, he is chased by group of men, but he escapes from them successfully. The internet episode and the chase sequences were grippingly captured. Then, Rajasekhar is introduced in a hospital where he is given counseling along with his wife Swathi (Pooja Kumar) as she wants divorce from him. Married people may connect with this scene, but for the genre of the film it appears like a speed breaker. Then, the school episode of his conversation with his son and son’s teacher are very funny. Director has shown the personal and professional problems faced in general by NIA and people work in other national security agencies. Overall, first half was engaging with thrilling episodes from start to interval. In fact, starting episodes of second half were also bang on. But, Sunny Leone’s item song in second half and some silly episodes in the village should have been chopped. The top secret about PSV Garuda Vega is also fascinating. However, pre-climax episode appears bit silly again.

Artists Performances:

Talking about Rajasekhar, he is back with a bang. He was so realistic and gave settled performance. He was too good in action episodes. Pooja Kumar was cool as regular house wife who wishes to spend time with her husband. In fact, few sequences between Rajasekhar and Pooja Kumar were hilarious. Adith Arun was good in the role of a hacker. Nassar was usual. Pruthviraj was okay and Srinivas Avasarala was cool in a brief role. Kishore was deadly in second half. Shraddha Das who played a TV journalist didn’t get much to perform. Posani Krishna Murali was admirable as politician. Other artists were decent.

Technical Aspect:

Director Praveen Sattaru has been picking different subjects every time. PSV Garuda Vega too has been made with a different concept. The movie has adequate content and the director took best care in first half. However, movie turns a bit slow in second half. Dialogues penned by Praveen Sattaru were superior. Cinematography and music are other big assets of Garuda Vega. And editor Dharmendra Kakarala who brilliantly edited action episodes needs a special mention. Nonetheless, he should have deleted few boring episodes in second half. Production values of Jyo Star Enterprises are top notch.


PSV Garuda Vega is definitely a good attempt by the team. But, the big question is whether the movie can pull of high budget spent on it.

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