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Okkadu Migiladu

Manchu Manoj who hasn’t scored a hit in recent times has pinned all hopes on Okkadu Migiladu which is based on LTTE leader Prabhakaran. Will this movie provide any break for Manoj?


Movie starts with Surya aka Peter (Manchu Manoj) tortured by police in a drug issue. Posani Krishna Murali is appointed as new constable in the same police station. It is his fifth transfer and he gets punished regularly for his truthfulness. When Posani doubts police role in the role, he asks Surya to narrate his story so he can help him. Surya then tells the real reason behind his arrest. Surya along with other students in their university initiate an agitation against murder of three girl students. An influential politician’s sons and a professor are involved in it. After this episode, Surya narrates a heart-touching story of Sri Lankan refugees and their leader who all were killed in civil war. What’s Surya’s link with the refugees? Will Surya ever get justice?


1. Storyline

2. Boat-Journey Episode


1. Screenplay

2. Direction

3. Production Values

4. Music

5. Cinematography

Analysis :

Director Ajay Andrews picked a workable story. However, he has shown his inexperience in dealing the subject. He tried to blend history and contemporary issues. But, he botched to do so. While the contemporary issue is attempt to rape and murder of three girl students, the past subject was struggles of Sri Lankan refugees who were equally disrespected by India and Sri Lanka. The student agitation episode wasn’t portrayed grippingly. In fact, the flashback episode of civil war episode wasn’t narrated convincingly. Few may get confused, who and why are fighting against Sri Lankan government. Actually, there’s nothing much to describe about first half of the movie. But, the boat-journey episode in second half was far better. A proved director can deal these key portions persuasively. Then, Manoj’s conversation with rowdies who attack him was also touching.

Artists Performances:

Perhaps, Manchu Manoj’s intention of accepting the subject is to exhibit his acting skills. Did he really perform well in the film? Of course not. He was over-reacting for each and every episode, irrespective of emotion and depth in the sequence. Though he was cool in current episodes, he was awful in flashback episodes as refugee leader. Ajay Andrews was decent. Surprisingly, he occupied more space than Manoj in second half. Anisha Ambrose was okay. Posani Krishna Murali was good as honest police constable. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Director Ajay Andrews must be appreciated for picking a challenging subject. But, he couldn’t deal the subject credibly. Screenplay as well as direction is biggest drawbacks. Unfortunately, he didn’t get any support from other technicians such as music director and cinematographer. Other negative point in the film is editing. Production values of Padmaja Films Pvt Ltd are below par.


Okkadu Migiladu is not even worth watching in small screens as well. It’s better to avoid this film.

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