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Mental Madhilo

Movie Details:

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Shivaji Raja etc.

Direction: Vivek Athreya

Banner: Dharmapatha Creations

Producer: Raj Kandukuri

Music: Prashanth R Vihari

Release Date: Nov 24, 2017

Producer Raj Kandukuri who made a youthful entertainer Pelli Choopulu that turned out to be a sleeper hit has produced the romantic entertainer Mental Madhilo. Will this movie score hit like Pelli Choopulu? Let’s see…


Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) is a confused man since his childhood. He becomes nervous when he is in a position to choose one from multiple options. Another downside of him is he can’t mingle with females. Aravind’s parents are in a search for a right girl for marriage. Everybody rejects the guy because of his shy nature. When Aravind has no hopes left, a girl named (Swetcha) accepts to marry him. Aravind starts behaving normal with women under the guidance of his fiancée. In no time, they become very close to each other. Unfortunately, their engagement gets postponed with an unfortunate incident in Swetcha’s house. Aravind needs to go to Mumbai on office work. Swetcha wishes to surprise her fiancé by travelling all the way to Mumbai and meet him. However, he surprises her when she is in train by saying, “Let’s break up our engagement”. What happened in Mumbai? Why Aravind Krishna changed his mind? What Swetcha will decide?


1. Story

2. First Half

3. Music


1. Few Boring Episodes In Second Half

2. No Elements For Masses

Analysis :

Every bachelor will have expectations and dreams over their life partner. Marriage is all about understanding between two individuals. Thus, there should be no confusion in picking right person as our life companion. Well, Aravind Krishna is a bright student, but he has confusion when he is given options. And he won’t interact with females. This is the reason why he is rejected by many girls when he goes for pelli choopulu. Much surprising to him, a beautiful looking and well-matured girl Swetcha accepts to marry him. The childhood episodes where Aravind’s confusing mindset was shown were sidesplitting.  Then, pelli choopulu chapter was also funny. The romantic track of lead pair was naturalistic. As days progress, usually couple gets to know about each other. The conversation in starting days used to be formal and then they start treating each other like a close friend later on. Director Vivek Athreya presented this essential feature meritoriously. Twist in interval episode is a big surprise. Second half starts in Sree Vishnu’s point of view and the things which led him to change his mind over engagement with Swetcha. While bus episodes were so so, apartment sequences will bring laughs. Though there are some ups and downs in second half, pre climax portions of last 15 minutes were mirthful.

Artists Performances:

Sree Vishnu has improved as an actor. He showed maturity in key episodes. In fact, he is apt for the role of a guy with shy nature. Nivetha Pethuraj is a talented actress. She was too good in romantic and emotional sequences with Sree Vishnu. It’s a perfect debut for Nivetha who has utilized the opportunity to the fullest. The girl who played the role of Renu was also good. Shivaji Raja was cool as well as witty as Sree Vishnu’s father. He showed his experience in pre-climax episode. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Though it is a maiden film for director Vivek Athreya, he has shown maturity. Such subjects are indeed tough to tackle with and Vivek has done his job proficiently. His writing and making abilities are praiseworthy. Prashanth R Vihari provided soothing album and re-recording work was also substantial. Cinematography is also neat. Production values of Dharmapatha Creations are decent.


Mental Madhilo will please multiplex and A class audiences. It needs to be seen how the movie will be received in mass centers.


CineDhol Perspective :

Mature Romantic Drama


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