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Khakee has been made of a true story happened way back in late 90’s. Will this movie that starred Karthi please Telugu audience, let’s see…


A dacoit batch horrifies people in Tamil Nadu with their cruel attacks on houses to steal money and expensive things. They even kill people brutally as not to leave any clue to the police. DSP Dheeraj (Karthi) who just married to Priya (Rakul Preet Singh) is appointed to investigate the case. As the investigation process goes on Dheeraj and batch find many shocking truths about Ohma gang. Though the police could find fingerprints at the spots, they won’t match with any criminal in the state and few other states. At last, they could discover that Bhavariya Tribe Gang led by Ohma (Abhimanyu Singh) is behind this. How many challenges Dheeraj and batch face in order to catch the dacoit batch is rest of story…


1. Story

2. Screenplay

3. Direction

4. Cinematography


1. Few Boring Episodes In Second Half

2. Lack Of Commercial Elements

Analysis :

First of all we must appreciate director Vinoth for his extensive research to find complete details of shocking true incidents which took place in 90’s where there was no availability of technology for police to crack the case easily. We hardly find any downs in narration as Vinoth penned the screenplay grippingly. However, few may find the romantic track of Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh in initial episodes boring since the movie opens up in serious mode. Then, story turns serious ever since Karthi takes up the case to resolve a challenging case. The investigation process, the way dacoits loot houses and slay people are shown so realistically. In fact, the problems faced by police are narrated effectively. In second half, bus episode, village episode and pre-climax portions are remarkable.

Artists Performances:

Karthi has nailed with his performance. He didn’t act but lived in the character of an honest police officer. We can see all kind of emotions in him. He’s romantic with his wife, he is serious when dealing cases, and he’s emotional when his subordinates go through tough times. Good thing is the movie hardly has heroism elevating scenes. Rakul Preet Singh was adorable as Karthi’s wife. She has done her job affably. Abhimanyu Singh was great as dacoit leader. But, a fresh actor with fearful physical structure should have been best option. Bose Venkat was good as Karthi’s assistant. Other artists played their roles proficiently.

Technical Aspect:

As we told earlier, Vinoth went through extensive research to pen the story. We can witness his hard work in each and every episode. Dialogues are also neat and we don’t feel like watching a dubbing movie. Sathyan Sooryan’s cinematography was top-notch and Ghibran provided wonderful music. Production values of Dream Warrior Pictures are high in standard.


Khakee is definitely one of the best crime thrillers. But, the movie has fewer chances to shine in B and C centers.

CineDhol Perspective :

Salute To Khakee- The Power Of Police

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