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Vishal starrer Thupparivaalan was a commercial hit in Tamil. This Mysskin directorial is releasing in Telugu as Detective. Let’s see whether movie will please Telugu audience or not…


Bhushan (Vishal) is an enthusiastic private detective who craves to solve tough cases. He lives along with his close friend Manohar (Prasanna) who helps him in investigation. On the other hand, a software firm owner is killed because of thunder storm and in few days a senior police officer dies all of sudden in a meeting. These two are suspected to be murders initially, but after all the formalities are done they conclude the deaths as natural ones. Meanwhile, Bhushan who refuses to take up many cases owing to some good reasons takes up to probe murderer of dog of a school-going kid. Bhushan in the process finds that there’s much bigger issue than the dog killing in the case. What is it? Who’s behind it? Is this case has any links with other killings in the city?


1. Plot

2. First Half

3. BGM


1. Second Half

2. Lack Of Entertainment

3. Logics Missing


Analysis :

The film Detective is all about a detective and his friend resolving mystery of consecutive murders in the city. First murder of Simran’s husband and their son was sketched to appear naturally. Director Mysskin has shot the episode grippingly. Then, a police officer is given poisonous injection in a cinema hall without his knowledge. We don’t find any clue there, rather than getting clarification that a murder attempt took place. Vishal is introduced in style. He shows his frustration to find an interesting case. He rejects many cases as he feels nothing interesting in them. However, he accepts to catch murderer of a dog. But, he later finds that, there is a big conspiracy behind the dog killing. The devil batch looked very simple in starting episode. But, their evilness is shown in later parts. While investigation parts are interesting in first part, movie turned slow in second half.

Artists Performances:

Vishal looked simple. It is a difficult role to pull off, and Vishal has done full justice to it. Vinay is a perfect choice for the role of devil. He was ruthless. Prasanna was decent as Vishal’s friend. Andrea Jeremiah has got good role to perform. Anu Emmanuel was wasted completely. She got very less space. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Mysskin penned an interesting plot. Screenplay of first half was engaging. Nonetheless, he wasted enough of time in second half with boring episodes. And climax was lengthy. Arrol Corelli’s background score needs a special mention, whereas Karthik Venkataraman’s cinematography was first-class. Arun Kumar’s editing work was perfect, but he should have chopped off few tedious episodes. Production values of Vishal Film Factory are high in standard.


Detective is not an engaging thriller, though there are some pleasing elements here and there. Masses may not like the movie.

CineDhol Perspective :

Not So Engaging

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