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Meda Meeda Abbayi

Movie Details:

Cast: Allari Naresh, Nikhila Vimal, Srinivas Avasarala, Hyper Aadi etc.

Direction: Prajith G

Banner: Jaahnavi Films

Producers: Boppana Chandrasekhar

Music: Shaan Rahman

Release Date: Sep 8, 2017

Allari Naresh has been going through toughest phase in career. Will Meda Meeda Abbayi provide him much needed break?


Srinu (Allari Naresh) is a happy go lucky guy enjoys life with his two friends Bandla Babji (Hyper Aadi) and Karthu (Satyam Rajesh) who too don’t have any aim in life. Srinu has 26 backlogs in engineering. Srinu then decides to choose filmmaking as a profession and wishes to work with SS Rajamouli. He runs away to Hyderabad to work in the film industry. He meets his neighborhood girl Shruthi (Nikhila Vimal) on the train. A selfie clicked by him in the train lands him in unexpected trouble. What is it? Why Shruthi is in the train? Where was she going? Will Srinu ever become a filmmaker?

Analysis :


1. Few Comedy Bits

2. Locations


1. Malayalam Flavor

2. Sluggish Narration

3. Seriousness In Second Half


We expect adequate comedy in Allari Naresh films. In fact, lack of entertainment and bad selection of subjects is prime reason for Naresh’s last few films tanked at box office. Coming to Meda Meeda Abbayi, Naresh has played the role of an Engineering student who has many backlogs and has no aim in life. He has two good friends who are also of care free nature. Naresh regularly requests his father to buy a tab for him, but his father won’t fulfill his wish. Meanwhile, Naresh starts adoring his neighbor Nikhila Vimal. He decides to run away to Hyderabad to become a director. He meets his neighbor in the train. Though she won’t care him, Naresh succeeds to capture a selfie with him. He sends the picture to his friends who forward it to almost everyone in the village. After facing few struggles in industry, Naresh comes back to his hometown. Nikhila’s parents misunderstood Naresh of taking her along with him. Now, it’s Naresh’s turn to prove his honesty. Though there are very few comedy bits here and there, the sluggish narration tests our patience. Actually, when a comedy actor like Allari Naresh is on board, we expect adequate entertainment which is not there in the movie. Even twists in the film are easily predictable.

Artists Performances:

Allari Naresh played the role of an aimless engineering student quite efficiently. However, seriousness in the subject plays spoilsport. In fact, we won’t expect Naresh films to have serious content. Nikhila Vimal doesn’t have charming looks, but she is definitely a performer. Thankfully, she has got scope to exhibit her acting skills and utilized them completely. Hyper Aadi tried to threw satires every time, which went overboard. Srinivas Avasarala was good as a detective. He evoked laughs here and there. Jayaprakash was cool as Naresh’s father. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Meda Meeda Abbayi is official remake of Malayalam super hit Oru Vadakkan Selfie. Prajith who helmed the original version has directed the Telugu version as well. However, he didn’t make any changes to Telugu version which turned a big drawback. Backdrop and narration played spoilsport. Though line story was good, a Telugu director or writer who can handle comedy subjects should have given the opportunity to modify script. Music by Shaan Rahman was decent and cinematography was mediocre. Production values are middling.


Meda Meedi Abbayi is another disappointing film from Allari Naresh.

CineDhol Perspective :

Not So Entertaining

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