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Cast: Ajith Kumar, Kajal Agarwal, Vivek Oberoi, Akshara Haasan etc. 
Direction: Siva
Banner: Sathya Jyothi Films
Producers: Sendhil Thyagarajan
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Release Date: Aug 24, 2017

Ajith Kumar and Siva delivered couple of hits with Veeram and Vedalam. Vivekam (Vivegam in Tamil) is third film in their combo. Will it be their hat trick hit or a break to their success streak?


Ajay Kumar (Ajith Kumar) is an anti-terrorist squad agent who deals operations along with his batch of friends including his close aide Aryan (Vivek Oberoi). On the other hand, Ajay has a beautiful wife Haasini (Kajal Agarwal) who runs a restaurant business and also teaches music to kids. A mafia batch plans artificial earthquakes in few areas across the globe for which technology has been provided unknowingly by Natasha (Akshara Haasan). Twist in the tale is Ajay is brutally attacked by his friend’s batch for a reason. What happens to Ajay? Why his friends attack him? Will he stop the machine of artificial earthquakes? Who’s behind the machine?


1. Action Sequences

2. Cinematography

3. Ajith Kumar


1. Old Story

2. Predictable Twists

3. Lack Of Entertainment

4. Simple Ending


Analysis :

Director Siva is specialist in making oora mass entertainers. However, he includes emotive sequences as to gratify families. Coming to Vivekam, it is complete different film from the director. That doesn’t mean that the movie is extraordinary. Yes, the movie is extraordinary when it comes to action sequences, but it doesn’t have potential content. Furthermore, twists are easily predictable. While first half of the movie shows Ajith Kumar taking up few anti-terrorism operations in association with his friends, the second half is how he takes revenge on betrayers and also to stop antagonist from creating artificial earthquakes. Ajith Kumar’s banging introduction, bike chase, Ajith-Kajal romantic track (pleasant melody song) and Akshara Haasan cameo are best parts in first half. Episodes of Ajith’s fight for survival, usage of technology to track things, Ajith saving Kajal from goons etc. are positives in second half. Biggest drawback in the film is climax. After seeing so many breathtaking action sequences, movie ends simply with a one to one fight between Ajith and Vivek. It appeared nothing, maybe due to the effect of other action episodes in the film. And, Kajal crooning a stirring song tests our patience.

Artists Performances:

Ajith Kumar got another stylish role like as Billa in Vivekam. And he portrayed the role effortlessly. Seems like, he put in additional efforts to perform incredible action sequences. Ajith nailed it with his acing prowess, especially in the survival episodes. He looked handsome even in salt and pepper look. Kajal Agarwal appeared gorgeous. She was attractive in traditional attire, i.e. saree. Ajith and Kajal’s chemistry worked like magic. Akshara Haasan played a cameo, although she makes great impact. Though she is not a heroine material, she proved that she can perform. Vivek Oberoi was good as main protagonist. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Vivekam is a technicians’ film. Although the film doesn’t have unique or pleasing content, technicians hard work make it a watchable for action lovers. Director Siva who also penned story and screenplay missed many logics in portraying the story. No reason was explained on why Vivek Oberoi and batch turn baddies and who’s behind them. Above all, a machine can’t be accomplished with end of one person. 

Cinematography by Vetri is on par with Hollywood films. Anirudh provided captivating background score. Melody song between Ajith and Kajal was pleasing, wherein other songs were pretty ordinary. Editing by Ruben was sharp. Production values of Sathyaraj Films are top notch.


Only action movie lovers will enjoy Vivekam, whereas others may not like it. Box office wise, the film hardly has any chances to mint money here.

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