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Jaya Janaki Nayaka

Cast: Bellamkonda Srinivas, Rakul Preet Singh, Sarathkumar, Jagapathi Babu, Pragya Jaiswal, Nandhu etc. 
Direction: Boyapati Srinu
Banner: Dwaraka Creations
Producers: Miryala Ravinder Reddy
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date: Aug 11, 2017

While Bellamkond Srinivas is in desperate need of a hit, Boyapati is riding high with blockbuster success of Sarrainodu. Will Jaya Janaki Nayaka provide a break for Bellamkonda Srinivas?


Gagan (Bellamkonda Srinivas) and Sweety (Rakul Preet Singh) are college mates. Gagan helps Sweety from a teasing gang who teaser her friend. Few other baddies join them to attack Gagan who then gets assistance from his dad Sharathkumar and brother Nandhu. When students discuss about Gagan’s family, Sweety gets to know that they own many businesses and are rich. But, the family doesn’t have any female support. Sweety helps Gagan’s family and shows them importance of a woman to a family. 

On the other hand, there is a tiff between Aswit Narayana Varma (Jagapathi Babu) and Tarun Arora over a giant project. Aswit is an egoistic kills eve his daughter and her boyfriend. Here, actual twist in the story is revealed. How Sweety is related to Aswit? What’s the tragic past of Sweety? How Gagan assists her?


1. All Lead Actors Performance

2. Boyapati Mark Taking

3. DSP Music

4. Action Sequences


1. Lengthy Story

2. Lack Of Entertainment

3. Surplus Emotions

4. Excess Number Of Songs

Analysis :

Director Boyapati Srinu picked a different story for Bellamkoda Sai Srinivas. It is a pure love story with family emotions. The film also has high octane action sequences for mass audiences. The film opens in a college backdrop. Rakul Preet Singh and Sai Srinivas are introduced as college mates. An action sequence in the college was well shot. Sarathkumar and Nandhu join the fight which further elevates the sequence. The pub song Let’s Party song is a treat for eyes with grand visuals. Then the sequences of Rakul mingling with Srinivas family are touching. On the flip side, Jagapathi Babu is introduced with a powerful scene. The scene is very much powerful that simply depicts what kind of character JP is. He has enmity with other contractor Tarun Arora over a project. The clash between the two powerful characters is shown effectively. Here comes an unbelievable twist in the story. Rakul is already married to JP’s son and her hubby was killed on the wedding day. JP takes Rakul to Hamsaladeevi to perform pooja. The action sequence here is terrific. How Sai Srinivas set things to marry Rakul is rest of story? 

Artists Performances:

Bellamkonda Sai rinivas went for complete makeover for the film. He beefed up his physique and has looked handsome in the film. Srinivas improved as an actor as well. His dances and fights are big asset for the film. He was equally good in emotional sequences. Jagapathi Babu is the biggest advantage of the film. Boyapati gave him yet another powerful role. The introduction sequence itself was a banging episode. His characterization and attitude are incomparable. Sarathkumar is remarkable as Srinivas father. Actress Rakul Preet Singh looked lovely in the role of sweety who has great respect towards family. Pragya Jaiswal was stunning in a brief role and Catherine Tresa provided glamour feast in a special song. Other artists were good.

Technical Aspect:

Director Boyapati Srinu opted to a good story, but lengthy screenplay played spoilsport. The film lacks entertainment which is biggest minus. However, action sequences were excellently choreographed. Cinematography by Rishi Punjabi was biggest asset of the film as every sequence in the movie looked grand. Devi Sri Prasad has given excellent background score and even few songs were catchy. Nonetheless, excess number of songs turns speed breakers for flow of the film. Production values of Dwaraka Creation are top-notch. Grandeur is seen in each and every frame. Apparently, producer spent money like water.


Jaya Janaki Nayaki has good emotions throughout. And it has some breathtaking action sequences for masses. But, lack of comedy and lengthy screenplay are biggest drawbacks.

CineDhol Perspective :

High In Emotions… Low In Treatment…

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