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Actress Nayanthara scored few hits with female centric film. Vasuki is also heroine oriented film and it was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful in Malayalam. What’s more, the film has Mammootty in male lead role. Let’s see whether the film is up to the mark or not…


Vasuki (Nayanthara), a Kathakali expert behaves abnormal with her family members as well as outsiders for past few days. Vasuki’s husband (Mammotty) and daughter observe this but they fail to figure out what had happened to her. A lady is appointed as new DCP of the city. She is specialist in dealing cases such as woman harassment and physical abuse of woman. Then, Vasuki decided to narrate her story to the DCP. The lady was actually raped by three guys. Who are they? How DCP deals the case? What is Mammotty’s role in finishing the culprits?

Analysis :


1. Nayanthara

2. Second Half

3. Twists

4. Music


1. First Half

2. Lethargic Narration

3. Lack Of Entertaining Elements


Movie starts with a school-going girl narrating about her mother and father. While her mother Nayanthara is behaving abnormal from past few days, her dad is very energetic and social person. When a male staff of school touches her daughter, Nayan makes it a scene which even bothers the girl. In fact, the entire first half of the film is a series of incidents, which reveals that Nayanthara is a troubled woman, under pressure and is really upset of late. Then, the second half is completely revenge drama with few twists. The real reason for our lady’s change of heart is revealed. She had been a victim of a gruesome gang rape at the hands of drugged youngsters. Those who raped Nayanthara are killed. The way twist revealed in last few minutes and the entire scenario explained is simply superb. Actually, these are the most engaging episodes in the film.

Artists Performances:

Mammootty is cool in male lead role. He played the role of a multi-talented man as a lawyer, television film critic, model designer etc. effortlessly. Though the film is female centric, Mammotty’s importance will be known towards end of the film after twist is revealed. Much credit goes to Nayanthara as Vasuki, who is in terrific form. Investing the role with a great panache and emotional courage, she gives us a character that’s hard not to root for. She not only carries the role well, but looks gorgeous in traditional sarees. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

There are evident inspirations that come to our mind as we sit through this one. There is also a deliberate effort to package it in the same mould as Drishyam, but slow narration makes it a mediocre film. In fact, the dramatic changes are all taking place during the final moments of the film. There are too many loose ends and surprising coincidences in the plot. Gopi Sunder has provided wonderful background score. He gave life to the film with top notch output in music. Roby Varghese Raj’s cinematography is also superior. Production values are good.


Vasuki is a thriller which deals with most troubling topics in our country- drugs and violence against women. The film may connect to multiplex audiences, but hardly has chances to do well in mass centers.

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