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Cast: Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi, Rajendra Prasad, Suman etc.
Direction: Sriram Aditya
Banner: Bhavya Creations
Producer: V Anand Prasad
Music: Mani Sharma
Release Date: July 14, 2017

Sri Ram Aditya delivered hit with his maiden directorial venture Bhale Manchi Roju. Let’s see he will continue the success sags with his second film or not…


A police officer (Ranjith Kumar) interrogates a theft case of an expensive car named Shamanthakamani. He interrogates different people who came to a star hotel where the car went missing. He first questions a villager Siva (Sundeep Kishan) who came to city to earn money and also to teach a lesson to his ex-girlfriend. Then, the police officer questions a youngster Karthik (Aadi) who is willing to fly USA. A car mechanic shed owner Mahesh Babu (Rajendra Prasad) is also examined. At the last, the car owner (Suman) son Krishna (Sudheer Babu) is also probed. The original thief and an unexpected twist is revealed after Ranjith Kumar gets a phone call. What is it? Who is the thief? And What is the twist?


1. Humor

2. Second Half

3. Twist


1. Boring First Half

2. Thin Story Line

3. Lack Of Commercial Ingredients

Analysis :

Shamanthakamani is all about a theft car. In the process of finding the car, director Sriram Aditya introduced different persons of different mindset who are suspected in the theft case. An introduction is given to each character like what is their financial status, family background and their past struggles. Then, all the characters are brought to a star hotel where the car named Shamanthakamani is stolen. Even after the investigation comes to almost end stage, police fails to fins the actual robber. Here an unexpected twist is revealed. And we get to know that, Shamanthakamani is not a normal car and there’s something more in it. Most of the sequences in the jail were hilarious, especially Rajendra Prasad’s episodes.

Artists Performances:

Nara Rohit played the role of a police officer who investigates thief of an expensive car. He appeared overweight, but has given decent performance. Sudheer Babu was good in the role of a youngster who has bad equations with his father. Rajendra Prasad is biggest asset of the film. He proved some laughs in second half. Indraja was good as his partner. Sundeep Kishan is cool as a villager who is a love failure. Aadi has got brief role and he is decent. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Director Sriram Aditya took a big challenge by picking a water-thin story. Though he botched to engage audience in first half, owing to sluggish narration, he penned hilarious sequences in second half which saved the audiences to some extent. Mani Sharma has given enchanting background score. Fortunately, the film has only one song. Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is other big asset of the film. Visuals appeared grand because of his exceptional camera work. Prawin Pudi’s editing was sharp in second half. Production values of Bhavya Creations are good.


Shamanthakamani can be watched one time. The movie may please multiplex audiences, but it has nothing for audience of mass centers.

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