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Patel Sir

Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Padmapriya, Tanya Hope, Subbaraj, Prabhakar, Kabir Duhan Singh etc.
Direction: Vasu Parimi
Banner: Varahi Chalana Chitram
Producer: Sai Korrapati
Music: DJ Vasanth
Release Date: July 14, 2017

Jagapathi Babu is currently one of the top character artists in Telugu. After a long time, he has played the lead role in Patel Sir. Let’s see whether the film has potential content or not…


A batch of mafia gang led by (Kabir Singh) plans to venture into drug business. A 60 year old man named Patel sir (Jagapathi Babu) kills one after the other in the gang. This old man has a grand daughter who is blind. A corrupted police officer (Tanya Hope) is appointed to find out the killer. When Patel sir plans to kill the last man in his list that is Kabir, he faint in front of him due to heart problem. He is shifted a hospital. Then, an interesting twist is revealed, why Patel Sir is killing them? What’s his connection with the gang?


1. Second Half

2. Emotions

3. Twist


1. First Half

2. Lack Of Entertainment

3. Music

4. Low Standard Production Values

Analysis :

Story of the film is not unique. It is a revenge drama with family emotions. The film has surprising element in second half. Patel Sir is about an old man taking revenge of killers of his family. First half of the movie is filled with revenge sequences. Jagapathi Babu slays three of a mafia batch. No single episode was thrilling or gripping. Then, movie turns interesting in second half with a twist is revealed. And the movie is enthralling for half an hour where family emotions and strong bond between an Oldman and his grandson and granddaughter are shown. A song picturized on Jagapathi Babu and the little kids was fascinating. Another twist in the tale is revealed after JP kills Kabir Singh. Another unexpected person was also involved in killings of JP’s family.

Artists Performances:

Jagapathi Babu went for complete makeover for the film. However, he looked odd in grown hair and ultra-modern outfits. JP was too good in flashback episodes, especially in the sequences with little kids. Padmapriya was decent as Jagapathi Babu’s wife. Tanya Hope who was seen donning bikini had provided glamor feast. Subbaraj was good and Prabhakar, Kabir Duhan Singh were okay. Other artists played their roles efficiently.

Technical Aspect:

Director Vasu Parimi opted to an old story. His writing and making of first half was pathetic as no single episode was spellbinding. Nonetheless, he had dealt family and emotional sequences like a matured man. Then, he lost his grip in handling pre climax and climax portions. Cinematography was mediocre and music scored by DJ Vasanth was just okay. However, an emotional song in the second half was captivating. Production values of Varahi Chalana Chitram are substandard in first half and are decent in second half.


Patel Sir is a boring saga and it has nothing for any section of audiences.

CineDhol Perspective :

Very Much Boring Sir…

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