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Gautham Nanda

Gautam (Gopichand), son of billionaire, enjoys life like anything. When things go smoothly for him, one question asked by a worker at pub influences to change his mind. He decides to commit suicide, but accidentally meets a slum person named Nanda Kishore (Gopichand) who appears ditto like him. In fact, Nanda also wished to end his life. Then they choose to change their places for a month days to see life differently. While Gautam becomes Nanda and makes thing to please Nanda’s parents, Nanda goes to Gautam’s place and get to see heaven on earth. Meanwhile, Gautam is attacked few times in the slum. Who is behind these attacks? What do Gautam learn at Nanda’s place and what do Nanda learn staying at Gautam’s place? What happens after a month days on Gautam’s birthday?

Analysis :


1. Plot

2. Gopichand

3. Twists

4. Heroines Glamor


1. Dragged Climax

2. Unjustified Basic Point

3. Unrealistic Emotions


Gautam Nanda is about two guys Gautam and Nada who has different status in life, different mindsets and different lifestyle. But, the common scenario is both are willing to end their life. Director Sampath Nandi introduced Gautam’s character as a rich and spoilt brat who has zero emotions and affections. The same person starts thinking about himself when a waiter at a pub, after being attacked physically, questions him who are you? How can a guy change his mindset all of the sudden and think too much after one bad experience in life? It would be fine, if the situation portrayed was convincing. On the other hand, a slum guy accepts to come to Gutam’s place only to enjoy life. While Gautam learns family emotions, family bonding and love, Nanda has no other thoughts but enjoy life to the fullest. Interim, Nanda is attacked by Gautam’s enemy; Nanda is also attacked by batch of goons sent by an anonymous person. Who’s behind these attacks? Here comes twist in the tale. After this twist is revealed, movie becomes slow with dragged climax.

Artists Performances:

As we all know Gopichand is a fine artist. He proved his mettle as protagonist and antagonist in several films. When it comes to Gautam Nanda, he had many challenges to portray two different characters of dissimilar shades. Actually, Gopichand passed the test with distinction. He played the two roles effortlessly. Hansika Motwani was good in the role of a middle class girl. Though she appeared mostly in traditional outfits, she oozed oomph in a rain song. Catherine Tresa was apt for the role of a rich girl. She lures spectators with her glamor show. What’s more, Catherine even donned bikini. Chandra Mohan is good as an emotional father. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Sampath Nandi’s thought was good. But, he failed in executing it. Money is not everything for human being. We need to see question ourselves to achieve something in life and need to be prepared to see good and bad things in life. Sampath’s conclusion towards the end wasn’t convincing. Music director SS Thaman scored some peppy songs and background score was captivating. Soundar Rajan’s cinematography was vivid. Editor Gautham Raju should have chopped off few sequences in first half, especially second half. Apparently, producers spent budget on unnecessary things and haven’t spent much on needed things. Overall, production values for the film are decent.


Gautam Nanda has a message, but the film is narrated in commercial format. We need to see how mass audiences will receive the film.

CineDhol Perspective :

Not So Engaging


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