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Allu Arjun+IBk-s sharp comments on +IBg-Review writers+IBk.

Actor ‘Allu Arjun’ made some comments while travelling on a chartered flight from Chicago to Bay area, USA, saying that the review writers are making audiences to see a movie on the basis of rating system is not correct.

He said that movies are nothing but a bunch of feelings, and how can you rate those feelings? Can we rate our mother’s with those star ratings?? likewise you can’t rate a film like that. He also commented, who said that NRI audiences prefer watching movies on star ratings?

The review writers are accustomed to see single genres, and they had no respect for commercial films.The review writers can’t watch mixed genre movies and our Indian cinema’s have all genres. We have sentiment a drama element, fights an action element ,dance, love a romance genre, twists are thriller. These multi-genre movies are first made by South Indian movie makers and explained the commercial factors in telegu movies.

Giving interval in a film is also started from us.

Baahubali is rated as excellent movie cause it’s a multi-genre. We south Indian’s started these multi-genres movies and we need to promote them and requested the review writers understand the singularity in such films and make reviews.

Now we have to see how the review writers react to these comments.

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