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Kadhali Review

Cast: Pooja K Doshi, Harish Kalyan, Sai Ronak etc.
Direction: Pattabhi R Chilukuri
Banner: Anaganagana Film Company
Producer: Pattabhi R Chilukuri
Music: Prasannan, Praveen, Shyam
Release Date: June 16, 2017

Director Pattabhi is very close friend of IT Minister KTR who attended Kaadhali audio launch along with Ram Charan. Their presence helped generating buzz on the film. Let’s see whether the film has potential content to watch out in theaters or not…

Bandhavi (Pooja K Doshi) is a physiotherapist works at a Government Hospital. Her parents are worried as all the marriage matches do not materialize as they have many debts. Bandhavi then decides to marry a guy of her choice and waits for things to fall into place.

She finds a handsome guy Karthik (Sai Ronak) at a restaurant and she is bowled out by his helping nature. When she feels he is not his type later, she chooses another guy Kranti (Harish Kalyan) who is rich but enraged. However, she finds that both are very much caring and are deeply and madly in love with her. Bandhavi is now confused to pick one among the both Karthik and Kranti. Whom she chooses to marry is rest of the story…

1. Cinematography
2. Music

1. Old Story
2. Sluggish Narration
3. Lack Of Entertainment

Kaadhali has shades of several old south movies such as Prema Desam, Cheli etc. where two heroes fight for one girl. It is a heroine centric film like above mentioned films. But, the difference here is Pooja K Doshi is not an experienced actress to pull off the character of Dr Bandhavi. Coming to the story, Bandhavi is a doting daughter of a middle class man who fails to find a right match for her due to his financial issues. Bandhavi’s mother has no respect for her husband who loss everything in business. Tired of being rejected for numerous times, Bandhavi opts to marry guy of her choice. Though she initially likes company both Karthik and Kranti, she finds it difficult to manage both as they love her to the core. She indeed is a confused character and the confusion mounts up as anger develops between the two guys in the process of winning Bandhavi’s love. At the end she picks one amongst the two for marriage. And no reason was depicted on why Bandhavi made that decision.

Artists Performances:

All the lead actors Pooja K Doshi, Harish Kalyan and Sai Ronak are inexperienced, but all have performed decently. Pooja K Doshi has charming looks, but she needs to improve her acting skills, though she tried her best to play the role which was very much challenging. And both the guys Harish Kalyan and Sai Ronak looked handsome. They played their respective roles with perfection. Sudarshan provided some laughs. Other artists were okay. 

Technical Aspect:
Director Pattabhi might be a great fan of Prema Desam. He portrayed Kaadhali in Prema Desam style and may be to show his mark or he might not have liked the Kadhir directed film’s climax, he changed Kaadhali climax. Rather opting to an old story, Pattabhi should have come up with a fresh story. Fortunately, he was fully supported by technical team. Prasan, Praveen and Shyam's music is melodious and romantic. All the songs are well shot but the placement of some of the songs tests the patience of the viewers. Background score is passable. Sekhar V Joseph's cinematography is beautiful. He captured the beautiful scenic locations at various places and turned the film into a beautiful canvas. Production values are good.

Kadhali hardly has any chances to do well at box office. Neither youth nor class audiences love this movie.

TeluguOne Perspective:
Not So Romantic

Rating: 2.0

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