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Ganta Ravi Jayadev

Minister Ganta Srinivas son Ganta Ravi makes his debut with Jayadev which is directed by Jayanth C Paranjee who once made super hits but delivered only flops in the recent times. Let’s see whether the film is a right debut for Ganta Ravi or not…


An honest police officer Jayadev (Ganta Ravi) takes in charge in a town as previous police officer was murdered by a local don Masthan Raju (Vinod Kumar). As soon as Jayadev catches one of the thugs who actually killed the police officer, he gets orders to arrest Masthan. But, when they are on the way to court, the prime witness is found dead. So, Jaydev is left with no evidence to prove Masthan is behind the crimes in the town. Jayadev is suspended as bullet found in the witness’s body was of him. Meanwhile, an enquiry commission is appointed to discover whether Jaydev is corrupt or not. How, Jayadev tackles with all the issues to prove himself honest and also to prove Masthan Raju is the criminal brain behind all the murders including the police officer and his family is rest of the story…

Analysis :


1. BGM

2. Visuals During Title Credits

3. Heroine Glamor


1. Old Story

2. Weak Narration

3. Lack Of Comedy

4. Lead Pair Chemistry


Jayadev is a regular cop story. The film is about a sincere police officer who faces difficulties in finding criminals behind murder of a previous police officer in the town. Best part in the film is the content that is shown during title credits. The hitches of police officers, especially of low cadre are shown effectively. However, actual boredom starts when actual story starts. An honest police officer is killed by thugs of a local don as he prepares a report against him. Vinod Kumar who is seen after a long time was a big drawback. Neither his getup nor his performance was impressive. In fact, half credit of this blunder should be given to director Jyanth C Paranjee who failed to elevate the character. Then, the sequences of inspector Jayadev investigating the case weren’t gripping or thrilling. We don’t get idea on why heroine Malvika Raaj comes regularly to police station. While Ravi sometimes behaves like he hates her, few scenes show they are deeply in love with each other. This once again is the problem of direction and also of writing. In fact, Jayanth is specialist in handling romantic sequences. But, he failed this time. Jayantha has also botched in handling other emotions.

Artists Performances:

Ganta Ravi has good height and personality. He worked hard for action episodes, but this debutante needs to improve himself in other portions. Actress Malvika Raaj was limited for songs. She makes appearance whenever songs are needed. She provided glamor feast to one section of audiences. Vinod Kumar was a bad selection for the main villain character. Moreover, his performance was pathetic. For no reason he was shouting all the time. Posani Krishna Murali was good. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Director Jayanth C Paranjee might have stuck in 90’s. Neither the story he picked was fresh, nor was the narration arresting. More importantly, the director failed to handle key sequences convincingly. Mani Sharma provided songs were mediocre, while background score was enthralling. Jawahar Reddy’s cinematography was pretty average. Other biggest drawback of the film was editing by Marthand K Venkatesh. Scenes end abruptly and there was no smooth transition between the scenes. Fights by Venkat were okay. Production values of Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Creations are ordinary.


Jayadev is a regular film with no navel elements in it. The film has less chances to click at box office.

CineDhol Perspective :

Regular And Boring

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