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Fashion Designer

Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Anisha Ambrose, Manali Rathod, Manasa, Krishnudu, Krishna Bhagawan, etc.
Direction: Vamsy
Banner: Madhura Entertainment
Producer: Madhura Sridhar
Music: Mani Sharma
Release Date: June 2, 2017

It’s been ages since senior director scored a hit. Fashion Designer is promoted to be Vamsy mark hilarious entertainer. Let’s see whether the film is up to the mark or not…


Small-time ladies tailor Gopalam (Sumanth Ashwin) fancies to become a fashion designer, though his financial conditions aren’t supporting. An astrologer tells Gopalam that he has ‘Manmadha Rekha’ on his palm, so females will easily fall in his love. Gopalam decides to use this fortune to lure rich girls in his home-town. He first flirts with Gedela Rani (Manasa), then shifts to a vicious wealthy man Gavarraju’s niece Ammulu (Manali). Gavarraju slays whoever teases Ammulu. Finally, Gopalam shifts his love to an NRI girl Maha Lakshmi (Anisha Ambrose) only for commercial reasons. But, he seriously falls for Maha Lakshmi after seeing her kind-hearted nature. How Gopalam manages between the three girls? How he faces Gavarraju? Whom he marries in the end?


1. Vamsy Mark Treatment

2. Vamsy Mark Comedy

3. Vamsy Mark Songs Picturization

4. Mani Sharma Music

5. Glamour

6. Camera Work


1. Excess Of Adult Content

2. Sluggish First Half

Analysis :

Ladies Tailor is one of the best films in Vamsy’s career. Making a sequel to the film was a big challenge for Vamsy who faced debacles in recent times. Seems like, this senior director put good efforts in penning his mark ‘hilarious entertainer’. The film’s story is about how a small-time tailor makes use of ‘Manmadha Rekha’ in his palm and faces troubles later due to romantic relationship with multiple girls. There’s Vamsy mark in ever bit and piece- starting from writing, sets, songs picturization, narration, showing heroines at glamorous best, dealing of comedy, exploiting Godavari locations etc. Each and every song has different theme, especially Meghallo song which was unique and hilarious as well. All the heroines who weren’t that charm actually appeared hot, thanks to Vamsy who has perfect taste and skill in exhibiting females most glamorous. The director dealt all the emotional sequences quite proficiently. ‘Godari gattu’ scene where hero tries to manage with three girls and gun episode narrated by Krishna Bhagawan are the most hilarious parts in the film which has a twist in the pre-climax. Movie ends on positive mode with Krishna Bahagawan revealing actual secret of ‘Manmadha Rekha’.

Artists Performances:

Sumanth Ashwin tried his best to play a role that has scope to perform. However, he couldn’t do justice to the role. If it was done by a performer, even the film’s look would have been changed. All the heroines- Anisha Ambrose, Manali and Manasa provided glamor treat to one section of audiences. Krishnudu was okay and Krishna Bhagawan’s role was uproarious. The artist who played the character of Gavarraju was cool but dominant. Other artists played their roles capably.

Technical Aspect:

Vamsy is not a regular commercial filmmaker. He has his own style of writing and taking. Though the film has adequate double-meaning dialogues, they are enjoyable. He completely made use of all technicians. Mani Sharma’s music is biggest asset of the film. While songs were melodious and hummable, background score gave life to the visuals. Meghallo song concept and picturization are next level of entertainment. Nagesh Banell’s cinematography deserves a special mention. He exploited Godavari location exquisitely. Production values of Madhura Entertainment are good.


Vamsy still has fans and followers, though he disappointed them from past few years. Though Fashion Designer is not up to the mark of Vamsy’s previous good-films, Fashion Designer will surely impress them as well as youth.

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