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Soulful Songs (Sirimalle Puvva)

Siri Malle Puvva’ from Padaharella Vayasu movie, composed by K.Chakravarthy, written by Veturi Sundararama Murthy and sung by S.Janaki amma. On Apr 4th 2017 Janaki amma will complete 60 years of her musical journey. YES, 60 YEARS OF SINGING!! She has originally started her music career in 1957 on this same date. On this occasion, I thought about writing an article of a song which Janaki amma has sung and also won her first national award for – ‘Sendura poove’ from ‘Padinaru Vayadinile’ which is the Tamil version of 'Sirimalle Puvva' in Telugu. The great singer Mohamad Rafi is Janaki amma's all-time favorite singer. Interestingly, Mohamad Rafi and Janaki have received National award for their marvelous singing in that same year of 1977. After receiving the award from the President of India, both of them rendered their award winning songs before the President, which she shares as her fond memory in interviews!

This song starts off with an evergreen instrumental bit followed by Sirimalle puvva beautifully rendered by S.Janaki. A young 16 year old girl's fantasy about her dream hero was sung in such an expressive way that anyone who listened to this song also fell into the spell of her magical rendition. Tamil version song was originally composed by Ilayaraja and Telugu movie was later re-maked by K.Raghavendra Rao in 1979. Music was composed by K.Chakravarthy. When comes to Sirimalle puvva tune in telugu, Chakravarthy sir was compelled by producers to retain the original tune. Chakravarthy also tried to compose his own tune but when Janaki amma was not happy with the new tune, he used the same Ilayaraja composition with minor changes and got it recorded by Janaki. This one turned out to be supreme.

Generally, a song which is popular in one language may not find equal status in other languages but this song is exception for this theory. Telugu version 'Sirimalle Puvva' became the signature song of Janaki amma and she almost starts every concert with this song. The Tamil version movie 'Padinaru Vayadinile' became a roaring hit and swept Tamil Nadu state awards that year. Janaki amma won National and State awards for this song. The other known fact is, one of the other famous songs of Janaki amma – "Siva Siva ennada Nalige eke" from Kannada movie "Hemavathi" was also nominated for National Award in the same year but her soulful rendition of 'Sendura poove' has won the award. She was the only artist who won National award from Tamil Cinema that year and it made to headlines in all newspapers!!

This song is composed in Keeravani raaga. The starting instrumental bit itself tells that this is a signature classical guitar bit composed by Ilayaraja. Both Ilayaraja and Chakravarthy have used the instruments like classical guitar, flute, table, keyboard and other basic instruments to come up with this wonderful tune. The legendary lyricist Veturi garu has come up wonderful lyrics that each and every music lover can easily render and every person can easily feel the beauty of this song. This below lines will perfectly explain this.

Sirimalle puvva sirimalle puvva, chinnari chilakamma Na vaadu yevare, na thodu yevare, ennallakosthade

I want to end this article by saying we are all blessed to be living in the same era as the Janaki amma. Even at this age, Janaki amma can hum a song in perfect pitch and scale. No one in the world can ever be like Janaki amma. Legend!




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