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Shivalinga Movie Review

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakti Vasu etc.
Direction: P Vasu
Banner: Abhishek Films
Music: SS Thaman
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Release Date: Mar 31, 2017

Raghava Lawrence has never disappointed with horror comedy films. Director P Vasu is well-known to Telugu audience with Chandramuki. Moreover, the original Kannada version was a blockbuster. Let’s see whether the film entertains Telugu audiences or not…

A CB-CID officer Shivalinga (Lawrence) is appointed to resolve a murder case which was actually closed in court because of lack of proper evidence. Interim, Shivalinga ties knot with (Satyabhama) Ritika Singh and they shifts to a new building which is located far nearer to a graveyard. While Linga is busy solving the case, he observes that, his wife behaves abnormally. Actually, the dead man’s (Shakti Vasu) spirit enters her body and warns Linga to leave her body if and only if he resolves the murder mystery. How Linga cracks the murder case is rest of story…

1. Lead Actors Performance
2. Second Half
3. Horror Episodes
4. Music

1. Vadivelu
2. First Half


P Vasu is specialist in dealing horror thriller subjects. Lawrence has gained popularity with horror comedy films. Shivalinga is a first film in their combination. Lawrence is a CB-CID officer. Shakti Vasu is killed in a train, but killer leaves no proof there. Lawrence is appointed this case. In the process of resolving case he doubts many persons including father of Shakti’s girlfriend. Suddenly, Lawrence’s wife Ritika starts behaving strangely. When she is taken to a psychologist, he founds nothing wrong. Later, Lawrence gets to know that, Shakti’s spirit entered into his wife’s body. The sequences of Ritika behaving anomalous are shown horrifyingly. Especially, the pre-interval episode, where Ritika is completely seen as Shakti is truly terrifying. Then, film’s pace speeds up in the second half with Lawrence searching for right evidence. Lawrence finds the murderer of Shakti. But the murderer is killed in the train. It is again a big challenge for Lawrence to solve the case without many evidences. At last, villain in the film and reason behind the murder is found.

Artists Performances:
Shakti Vasu, son of director P Vasu, is real hero of the film. He performed the role of a muslim guy with ease. He is too good in pre-interval and pre-climax episodes. Raghava Lawrence has played the role of CB-CID officer aptly. His dances in songs are a bonus. Ritika Singh is other big asset of the film. The young girl who made her debut recently with Guru has nailed it with her performance once again in Shivalinga. Though she hasn’t got pretty looks, she impresses one and all with her acting prowess. Vadivelu fails to provide any entertainment. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:
P Vasu hasn’t picked a unique subject, but with the engaging narration Shivalinga appeared like a fresh film. Even with thin line story, he could enthrall audience with clever writing and direction. Cinematography by Sarvesh Murari worths a special mention. SS Thaman’s music is major advantage of the film. While songs were decent, background score was fascinating. He succeeded to carry the mood and tempo from start to end with his brilliant work of BGM. Production values are pretty good.

Shivalinga will surely enthrall horror comedy movie lovers. It has high chances to do well in mass centers.

TeluguOne Perspective:
Engaging Horror Thriller…

Rating: 2.75

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