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FDFS +IBM Cheliyaa


FDFS – Cheliyaa

The movie just started
Viewing the certificate and the run time is 140 min…
We are able to see the war sequences which has the back drop of 1999 Kargil war.
A song with a flashback scenes are going on
A hospital is shown where Aditi Rao is seen as a doctor..
They are showing Karthi and RJ Balaji where some comedy scenes are going on.. Karthi is getting closer to Aditi Rao.
Flash back scenes are over… scenes from Pakistan are going on…
A song sequence between Karthi and Aditi Rao is going on.
Its interval now after Karthi escapes from Pakistan Jail.
Again flash back where Karthi is shown.. again a song with Aditi Rao
shifts back again to Pakistan
Aditi Rao’s grandfather dies. quarreling scenes are going on between the lead pairs.
Looks like Aditi Rao parents does not like Karthi.
Both decided to break up
Now, shifts back to Pakistan Jail and prisoners are trying to escape and reach India safely..
Karthi found Aditi Rao in a medical camp and the movie ends

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