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Cast: Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki, Thakur Anoop Singh, Ajaz Khan, Ali, Subbaraju etc.

Direction: Puri Jagannadh

Banner: Tanvi Films

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Cinematography: Mukesh G

Release Date: Mar 31, 2017


It’s been long time since Puri Jagannadh delivered a hit. He introduced Ishaan as hero with Rogue. Let’s see whether this film provide much needed break for Puri or not…


Chanti (Ishaan) is a happy go lucky guy is in deeply and madly in love with commissioner (Ajaz Khan) sister Anjali (Angela). However, she prefers a police officer to marry. Since then, Chanti changes his opinion on girls and start hating them. Later, Chanti gets to know that, a police officer family is in dire conditions as he was badly injured when Chanti comes to Anjali’s house to stop her engagement. Chanti then decides to assist the family consisting of the injured police officer’s sister Anjali (Mannara Chopra). He joins at a financier as a recovery agent.

When things go smoothly, a psycho (Anoop Singh) makes an entry. This psycho admires Anjali and tries to attack her. However, Chanti comes to her rescue every time. How he saves the police officer family from the psycho is rest of the story…

Analysis :


1. Puri Mark Dialogues

2. Heroines Glamor


1. Puri Mark Regular Story

2. Puri Mark Routine Narration

3. Puri Mark Making

4. Music


Starting from Idiot, heroes of Puri Jagannadh films have same kind of attitude. Likewise, Ishaan too has got regular rogue character. In fact, film’s story revolves around him. After he is cheated by his girlfriend, Ishaan starts hating girls. However, he comes forward to help a police officer’s family which is affected by him. Ishaan does have bad opinion on girls, but he takes utmost care on the police officer’s sister Mannara Chopra who is a singer at a bar. Ali’s track was regular which we had already seen in the film Pokiri, though he provides laughs at places. Then, a psycho makes an entry. He is not a regular psycho. He has good sense of humor and is honest sometimes. Due to thin line story and dead slow narration, nothing much happens on screen. Puri indeed tried to bring laughs with the psycho’s character but it was misfired. Unbearably, the villain was given even a love song. Ishaan utters a dialogue with the villain in the end, “I don’t have any bad opinion on you,” shows hero’s character.

Artists Performances:

Ishaan made an impressive debut. With tower height and good looks, he played the role aptly. However, he needs to improve his dancing skills. Heroines Mannara Chopra and Angela Krislinzki were limited for glamor show. Both the heroines provided enough of glamor feast in songs. Thakur Anoop Singh is too good as a psycho. His sequences with Ishaan are hilarious. In fact, he is one of the major assets of the film. Ajaz Khan is good as police commissioner and Subbaraju is okay. Ali provides entertainment here and there. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Puri Jagannadh has been making numerous films with same story and same hero characterization. Audiences are bored watching films with same content, but the director seems like not in a mood to come up with a unique story. However, like his previous films, Rogue too has some powerful, punch and hilarious dialogues. Sunil Kashayp’s music was big drawback. Except for couple songs, other songs and background score were pretty ordinary. Mukesh G’s cinematography is mediocre. Production values are decent.


Except for Puri mark dialogues, the film caters almost nothing for any section of audiences. Thus, the film may not please any section of audiences.

CineDhol Perspective :

Rogue Chusthe- Rogi (patient) autharu…

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