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Sai Ram Shankar is in desperate need of a success. Tamil star hero Sarath Kumar was roped into play a crucial role. Let’s see whether the long delayed project has potential to give much needed break for Sai Ram.


Gautham (Sai Ram Shankar) works as a loan recovery agent. He falls flat for Swecha (Reshmi Menon) who looks after a nursery, as she loves plants. After several attempts, Gautham wins Swecha’s love. When she is about to express her love towards Swecha, she is kidnapped. Then, actual drama begins with the kidnapper forcing Gautham to do few illicit works. With no option left, Gautham does whatever the kidnaper says. But, twist in the tale arrives with the  idnapper asking Gautham to assassinate a man. Who is the killer? Whom he wants to kill? What are his intentions? Why did he kidnap Swecha? What will Gautham do?

Analysis :


1. Second Half

2. Sarath Kumar

3. Viva Harsha Comedy


1. Lethargic First Half

2. Romantic Track

3. Music


Nenorakam has a strong social message. Sai Ram Shankar is a recovery agent waiting for girl of his choice. Love at first sight happens to him, when he sees Reshmi Menon. He lies to her to win her love. Though she doesn’t initially find any negatives him, she too starts liking him, but won’t express her love directly. At last, Sai Ram convinces her. But, story takes new turn with her kidnap. Until the first half, there’s nothing much to describe. Romantic track is regular and not so affable. Actual drama starts in second half with kidnaper (Sarath Kumar) demanding Sai Ram to do illicit works. The sequences of Sai Ram trying hard to accomplish all demands of Sarath Kumar are substantial. Then, the reason behind, Sarath Kumar kidnapping Reshmi is revealed. Second half is far better to first half as whole story is incorporated in it.


Artists Performances:

Sai Ram Shankar gave a decent performance. It was Sarath Kumar who steals the show with his settled acting. All the sequences featuring Sarath Kumar were breathtaking. He was too good in flashback episodes where he explains his story. Eshmi Gautham was okay in girl next door kind of role. Viva Harsha provides laughs alongside MS Narayana. Prithviraj was wasted completely. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

Director Sudershan Salendra opted to a good story, but he botched to narrate it engagingly. He almost neglected first half by depicting Sai Ram and Reshmi’s love. It would be fine, at least if he had dealt the romantic track convincingly. Neither the track was fresh, nor was it pleasing. Music by Mahit Narayan was big letdown for the film, wherein cinematography was decent. Production values are good.


Nenorakam is a long delayed project. Except for Sarath Kumar, the film has no big things to describe. It may not please any section of audiences.

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