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Naam Shabana Movie Review

Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Akshay Kumar, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher etc.
Direction: Shivam Nair
Banner: Plan C Studios
Music: Rochak Kohli, Meet Bros
Cinematography: Sudheer Palsane
Release Date: Mar 31, 2017
Rating: 2.0

Naam Shabana is prequel to Akshay Kumar and Neeraj Pandey’s super hit film Baby where Taapsee Pannu played a brief role. In Naam Shabana, Taapsee played lead role, wherein she is supported by Akshay Kumar in a brief role. Let’s see whether Naam Shabana has potential content like Baby or not…


Shabana (Taapsee Pannu) is a brave lady lives along with her widow mom. She learns kudo. Shabana has a great admirer in her class mate. Though she knows that, she behaves normally with him, owing to personal grounds. However, she depicts him her past when he proposes love on his birthday. Shabana actually kills her father who was an alcoholic and regularly used to abuse her mother few years ago. She indeed comes out of jail and is leading normal life now. She at last accepts his love. However, film takes new turn from here.

A batch of youngsters attempt to rape Shabana. In the process, they kill her boyfriend and escape from there. When she is waiting to take revenge, she gets support from a mystery man who asks her to take part in a massive mission. Who’s the mystery man? Why he is supporting Shabana? What’s the mission?


1. Taapsee Pannu
2. Action Episodes


1. Weak Story
2. Sluggish Narration
3. Poor CG Work
4. Low Production Values
5. Bad Editing


The film is about how a normal girl Taapsee Pannu becomes a raw agent to accomplish a mission. Taapsee is shown as a brave lady in the very first episode of her, where he hits a rogue in market. Then, her personal life is shown. She has a one side lover who is waiting for time to propose her. Meanwhile, episodes of Taapsee training Kudo and participating in a tournament are shown. Don’t know why, but the episode of Taapsee taking on a champion Kudo player ends abruptly without showing the winner. At last, Taapsee accepts her boyfriend’s love. The same day, when they are on their way to her home, they are attacked by a group of youngsters. In the course, Taapsee’s boyfriend is killed, though she tries to fight with them. Then, with the help of a mystery man she slays off her boyfriend murderer. Interval. First half is okay with Taapsee displaying all her talents. Then, movie becomes dead slow with Taapsee getting trained to take up a mission. She gets assistance from Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher to complete the perilous task. There were not much thrilling and tension raising episodes in the film which is the major backdrop.

Artists Performances:

Taapsee Pannu pulled off the role of Shabana with ease. She apparently had worked hard to train herself in martial arts and other. She has matured as an actor. Though she looks simple in traditional as well as trendy outfits, she stuns with dare devil stunts. She looked gorgeous and wins hearts. Akshay Kumar comes only during pre-interval episode and makes re-entry in pre-climax. However, he won’t make any impact. In fact, he appeared pretty normal. Prithviraj was good in negative role and Manoj Bajpayee is okay. Other artists were cool.

Technical Aspect:

Neeraj Pandey who directed Baby has provided story, screenplay and dialogues. However, the man who impressed one and all with his engaging writing has disappointed big time with Naam Shabana. Neither the story was impressive nor the screenplay. Dialogues were good at parts. Shivam Nair is from Neeraj’s school. But, he botched to handle the project. The film hardly has any ‘wow’ moments. Songs are biggest drawback and background score is also not imposing. Cinematography is feeble and we get a doubt whether this film has any editor. Production values too are low in standard.


Naam Shabana is no match to Baby. The film disappoints big time. Better, to skip this one.

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