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Metro Movie Review

Cast: Bobby Simhaa, Sendrayan, Shirish etc.
Direction: Ananda Krishnan
Banner: SK Pictures
Music: Johan
Cinematography: N. S. Uthaya Kumar
Release Date: Mar 17, 2017
Rating: 1.5

Metro was a hit film in Tamil. Suresh Kondeti who released dubbed version of few Tamil films here has bought the Telugu rights. Let’s see whether Metro will suit to the sensibilities of Telugu audiences…

A young guy (Shirish) works for a newspaper as a reporter along with his friend (Sendrayan). Shirish’s father is a retired police officer, his mother (Thulasi) is a housewife and brother (Satya) is a college student.  Satya’s girlfriend forces him to buy an expensive bike. But, his father and brother cannot afford due to their poor financial conditions. This causes Satya to take a drastic step to join a gang of young college going chain snatches led by Bobby Simha. His wrong step leads to tragic results for the entire family. What is it?

1. Cinematography
2. Portrayal Of Chain Snatching Process
3. BGM

1. Nativity Problem
2. Artists Performance
3. Excess Of Violence
4. Lack Of Entertainments


The film is all about motorcycle riding youth, who takes to chain snatching and the dark underworld that deals in stolen gold. The film starts with a journalist who kidnaps a chain-snatcher and brutally tortures him to find the underworld gang that operates the organized crime. There is a personal reason behind the journalist’s motive to demolish the chain snatching mafia. Though chain snatching episodes were portrayed engagingly, excess of violence becomes spoilsport. And a guy killing his own mother and snatch her chain is awful.

Artists Performances:
Biggest drawback is the film lacks effective performances. Bobby Simha’s role as a deadly gangster who mentors the chain snatchers is entrancing. Shirish is passable and has got looks but he must improve his body language and acting skills. Sathya can't emote properly and there is no consistency in his performance, in few scenes he looks convincing while in major portions, the actor could not carry the strong character. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:
Ananda Krishnan tried to show chain snatching process realistically. But, Telugu spectators may not digest rawness in it. The story indeed will not connect to the sensibilities of Telugus. Cinematographer Udhayakumar is the biggest strength of the film. He has set a raw tone that the script demands and maintained it throughout. Though the songs by Johan don’t have any recall value they are an integral part of the story telling and his re-recording too is apt.  Production values are okay.

Though the rawness may connect to Tamil audiences, but it will not suit to the sensibilities of Telugus. Excess of violence makes family and few other sections of audiences to keep away from watching it. Overall, it is better, to skip this film.

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