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Kittu Unnadu Jagratha

Raj Tarun has good following among masses. Director Vamsi Krishna’s maiden directorial venture Dongata was a commercial hit. Anu Emmanuel became popular after signing Pawan Kalyan’s film. Let’s see Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is worth watching in theaters or not…


Kittu (Raj Tarun) and his batch of friends who run a mechanic shed become dog kidnappers for a reason. Kittu falls flat for Janaki (Anu Emmanuel), daughter of Income Tax department officer (Nagababu). Janaki accepts his love initially. But, she calls it quit after knowing the fact that, Kittu is a dog kidnapper.

On the other hand, a criminal named AR (Arbaaz Khan) kidnaps Janaki and demands her father to give back his safe box which was seized in IT Raids. What’s in the safe box? Why Kittu became dog kidnapper? Will Kittu and Janaki ever unite?

Analysis :


1. Decent First Half

2. Heroine Glamor


1. Boring Second Half

2. Weak Production Values

3. Songs


Vamsi Krishna impressed one and all with his first movie Dongata. Coming to Kittu Unnadu Jagartha, he picked a regular story. Except hero Raj Tarun kidnapping dogs on a purpose, there’s nothing unique in the film. Raj Tarun and Anu Emmanuel appeared cute together and shared rocking chemistry. Arbaaz Khan was introduced as a hazardous criminal who blackmails big people for money. But, this character disappears after 3 to 4 scenes and makes comeback only in the second half to kidnap Anu. First half was okay with some hilarious sequences here and there. But, movie turned boring ever since second half starts. Nagababau as well as Raj Tarun are to save Anu and Arbaaz wishes his safe box back. The race between these characters is shown unexcitingly. While pre-climax was cool with Prithviraj providing entertainment, the justification given to Arbaaz’s role wasn’t imposing.


Artists Performances:

Raj Tarun is not a handsome hero like many of his contemporary stars. But, this talented young hero has good following in masses because of the films he had done in the past and also because of his performance in them. In Kittu Unnadu Jagartha too, Raj Tarun played an entertaining role. His body language and dialogue delivery are his big assets. Anu Emmanuel was adorable. She upped glamor quotient, especially in songs. Arbaaz Khan was just okay in main villain role. Prithviraj was hilarious, particularly in pre-climax episode. Nagababu and Raja Ravindra were okay. Raghu Babu and Vennela Kishore were wasted completely.

Technical Aspect:

Vamsi Krishna seems to have worked only on first half, as the second half was predictable and boring. The film would have become a super hit, if second half was dealt convincingly. B Rajasekhar’s cinematography is middling, wherein music by Anup Rubens is mediocre. Songs were ordinary, though background score was okay. Editing by MR Varma should have been sharp. Biggest drawback of the film is production values. Apparently, the film was made on very low budget.


The film appears okay, if you watch it with fewer expectations. Overall, it’s an average film.

CineDhol Perspective :

Kittu Is Just Okay

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