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Is Rajamouli Really Better To Spielberg

Rebel Star Krishnam Raju made sensational comments at Baahubali 2 pre-release function. He lauded the film’s director SS Rajamouli for making a visual wonder. Krishnam Raju even recalled an incident and challenged Hollywood top filmmaker Steven Spielberg who won several Oscar awards.

Krishnam Raju said, “When Spielberg was once asked to talk about Indian cinema, he initially hesitated, but then said ‘I don’t know how they make thousands of films with one story’. I now ask Spielberg to watch Baahubali and then comment on Indian cinema. I hope Rajamouli will become better filmmaker to Spielberg.”

It’s better not to compare Rajamouli’s capabilities with Spielberg. It’s not because Spielberg won international level awards, the legendary filmmaker made next generation films exhibiting his ultimate contemplations.

Coming to Rajamouli, he is surely the best director in India. He has the capabilities to make Hollywood range films and even producers are ready to invest any budget on his films. However, Rajamouli knows what kind of films Telugus and Indians like. He has some restrictions like, story should be portrayed in simple manner and there should be more commercial ingredients included.

Let’s see what kind of film will Rajamouli think to make after release of Baahubali 2! 

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