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Guru Movie Review


Cast: Venkatesh, Ritika Singh, Nassar etc.
Direction: Sudha Kongara Prasad
Banner: Y Not Studios
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: KA Sakthivel
Release Date: Mar 31, 2017

Guru is official remake of Hindi film Saala Khadoos. Venkatesh essayed Madhavan’s role, wherein Ritika Singh reprised her role in the Telugu version. Let’s see how Telugu audiences receive the film…


Aditya (Venkatesh) couldn’t able to win boxing championship of his time due to malpractices by his opponent. Thus, he is looking for a talented boxer who has the potential to win world boxing championship. He believes a vegetable selling-woman Rama Lakshmi aka Ramudu (Ritika Singh) who is aggressive is suitable for the boxing role. He trains her hard. However, he faces many challenges. How he overcomes all the odds and what he sacrifices to make Ramudu the world boxing championship is rest of the story.


1. Ritika Singh, Venkatesh
2. Story
3. Screenplay
4. BGM
5. Direction


1. Few Boring Episodes In 1st Half


The film is about a boxing coach, who was not able to win the championship when he was young due to politics played by his opponent. In such tough situation, even his wife elopes with someone. Now, his aim is to find a suitable boxer who has capabilities to win the championship. The sequences of Venky portraying his past life are shown effectually. Venky feels a vegetable seller Ritika is the girl he is waiting for. Nonetheless, it was not easy for him to get her acceptance. In fact, money is the only reason for her to accept to learn boxing. Training episodes are shown in a song. Venky behaves rude with Ritika to teach her boxing lessons. But, we won’t find anything wrong in them. While Venky initially faces challenges in training Ritika to make her a professional boxer, he has other big challenges when she synchs with him. While first half focuses on Ritika being trained, second half shows her hard work and dedication to win championship. And how Venky’s narration of Genghis Khan’s successful story inspires Ritika to win her final match against defending champion has to be watched on big screen. One thing for sure is one will definitely walk out of theaters with tears in eyes, because of heavy drama in the end. Despite the sports backdrop, the film basically deals with the feelings and emotions of a young girl who falls for her much-older mentor.

Artists Performances:

Ritika Singh who is a professional boxer steals the show with her ease, grace in acting, boxing episodes and dances. Simply saying, she hasn’t portrayed a boxer role, she has enjoyed every bit in the film. She will lure Pawan Kalyan fans with mannerisms and dance moves. The way she jumps on to Venkatesh after winning championship will make everyone emotive. Venkatesh is second biggest asset of the film. He showed his experience in playing the role of a boxing coach. He was absolutely unbelievable in last portions. Nassar was funny. His episodes with Venkatesh were hilarious. Other artists played their roles faultlessly.

Technical Aspect:

Director Sudha Kongara must be appreciated for opting to a challenging subject and handling it with excellence. She has dealt all the departments from writing to direction aptly. Music composer Santhosh Narayanan keeps the situations lively and peppy, while all the songs gel with the narration and also elevate emotions to a different level. Cameraman Siva captures the best dramatic moments both inside and outside the ring. Editing by Sathish Suriya is decent, wherein production values are good.


Guru is a complete entertainer. Families and class people will love it. The film has high chances to do well in urban centers.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Adirindi ‘Guru’

Rating: 3.0


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