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Cast: Anjali, Arjan Bajwa, Sakshi Gulati, Jayaprakash, Sindhu Tolani etc.

Direction: Ashok G

Banner: Sri Vignesh Kartik Cinema

Music: Selva Ganesh

Cinematography: Balreddy

Anjali won praises for horror comedy film Geethanjali. Chitrangada is also of same genre, but was directed by G Ashok of Pilla Zamindar fame. Let’s see whether Chitrangada is worth watching in theaters or not…


Chitra (Anjali) is a psychology professor in a college and she doesn’t believe in spirits and reincarnation. She behaves abnormal in the hostel where she stays along with college students. She observers a murder in her dream every day and she feels it’s not a dream. In order to chase mystery behind her routine dream, she along with a psychiatrist flies to USA. She discovers locations and few other clues of the murder in her dream. In the process she becomes close to Sunanda (Sakshi Gulati). Rest of the story is how Anjali unfolds the mystery.

Analysis :


1. Plot

2. Heroine’s Glamor

3. Few Comedy Bits


1. Pathetic Screenplay

2. Production Values

3. Anjali

4. Music

5. Cinematography


Director Ashok G opted to an interesting plot. But, he failed utterly in narrating it grippingly. Take off is good with an episode of an anonymous woman killing a man at a lake place. Then, movie shifts to other place, where heroine Anjali is introduced with a song. In fact, actual torture starts from here. Anjali joins a college as a professor. Shockingly, she seduces girls in the hostel and is tagged as a lesbian. When she approaches a psychiatrist, she reveals about her routine dream, which we actually see in very first episode of the film. Then, Anjali flies to USA to unfold the murder mystery. Though Ashok has options to run rest of the movie with Anjali discovering clues in the dream, he apparently didn’t take much care. Flash back episode comes at pre-climax is a bit relief. Then, movie ends with predictable conclusion.


Artists Performances:

Anjali has got enough of scope to showcase her acting skills. Nonetheless, she was over-acting through out. She performed like an immature artist which is one of the biggest drawbacks. Only positivity from her side is she has exposed some skin in USA episodes, where she is seen in trendy and short outfits. Arjan Bajwa was good as a rich guy. Sakshi Gulati was glamorous. Jayaprakash was cool and Sindhu Tolani player her role aptly. Sapthagiri provided some laughs. Other artists are okay.

Technical Aspect:

Usually, cinematography, music and editing are a key for horror thriller films, besides gripping screenplay. However, Ashok didn’t get required support from his technical team. Background score isn’t fascinating. It’s better not to talk about songs. Even, top editor Pravin Pudi botched to cut the film efficiently. Production values of Sri Vignesh Kartik Cinema are low in standard. Actually, producers hadn’t spent money on needed things. Though they shot the film in USA, the product came out like a B grade film.


Chitrangada hardly has thrilling elements for one to go and watch the film in theaters. The film would disappoint all section of audiences.

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Chitra’s Torture

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