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soulful songs (Manasuna Manasai)

‘Manasuna Manasai’ from Doctor Chakravarthy movie, composed by Saluri Rajeswara Rao, written by Sri Sri, sung by Ghantashala. Doctor Chakravarthy movie was released in 1964 which is 52 years ago but it’s such a classic with evergreen all-time hit songs. This movie has won national best feature film award for 1964. Akkineni Nageswara rao has won Nandi best actor award for this movie. Every song in this movie is considered as a classic for many music lovers.

If I recall the songs once from this film namely, Manasuna Manasai, Neevu leka veena, Paadamani Naanadaga thaguna, Ee mounam Ee bidiyam are the songs which really define the words 'Golden Hits'. As per the story, there is a lot of scope to compose very good songs. This is due to the characters in the movie i.e. Savitri’s character is a good singer and ANR’s character is a music lover. In fact in this song ‘Manasuna Manasai’, ANR’s character plays Sitar and also singing the song. ANR has showed his best acting skills in this movie and Doctor Chakravarthy will always be in his all-time best movies list.

This song starts off with a wonderful sitar bit which is played by ANR in this movie and followed by a melodious voice sung by the god of music 'Ghantashala' who doesn't need any special introduction. Ghantashala has carried the emotional feel throughout this song. Lyrics definitely requires a special mention. Legends like Sri Sri has written many classics which has inspired many people and also stayed as life learning quotations. The below lines are considered as famous quotation till date

Manasuna manasai brathukuna brathukai,
Thodokarundina ade bhagyamu ade swargamu

Lyricist Sri Sri has written an in-depth meaning of all situations and words which highlight the importance of a companion and a life-long partner.

This song is composed in ‘Jayajayanthi’ raagam which is a very rare composition and which has a Hindustani style feel to it. Essentially, this song has a situation where ANR casually hums a song and simultaneously plays Sitara as well. So, Rajeswara rao has come up this tune with Sitara, Harmonium, Tabla, Flute and other basic instruments. Even today, the Sitara bits in this song can be saved as caller tunes.

It amazes me that a simple tune can be so heart-touching and everlasting. This happens when the soul is the right place. Every facet of this song, be it lyrics or singing or tune, there is an in-depth feel which makes it an evergreen soulful song. It will be great if current musicians take inspiration and come up with tunes with this good feel.



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