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Cast:  Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Om Puri, Satyadev etc.

Direction: Sankalp Reddy

Banner: PVP Cinemas, Matinee Entertainment

Music: K

Cinematography: Madhie

Release Date: Feb 17, 2017

Rana Daggubati became a household name with massive success of ‘Baahubali’. When many star filmmakers were keen to work with Rana, the actor who prefers concept-based films picked debutante Sankalp Reddy to direct Ghazi. Let’s see whether Sankalp rightly utilized the opportunity!


When internal war was happening between the multi-ethnic Pakistanis and the dominant Bengalis over the issue of right of governance and the constitution, Pakistan doubted India assisting Bengali’s. They had planned surprise attack on one of the port areas of India. Getting reports from intelligence department, India sends a sub-marine INS Vikranth (S-21) to check whether Pakistan was planning any attacks.

Captain Ranvijay Singh (Kay Kay Menon), Lt. Commander Arjun Varma (Rana) and Executive Officer Devraj (Atul Kulkarni) are assigned to look after the matter, but peacefully. Pak soldiers were on their way on the warship Ghazi PNS to attack Vizag port. When S-21 was partly damaged in the underwater war, Ranvijay Singh was killed and Lt. Commander was badly injured, Arjun was in a position to take the lead. How he had lead the team to attack Pak warship is rest of story…

Analysis :


1. Lead Actors Performance

2. Cinematography

3. Music

4. Writing

5. Drama And Emotions


1. Dealing Of Key Episodes

2. Narration Turned Slow At Places


Usually, debutants pick safe subjects like romantic entertainers, family drama subjects, thrillers and horror comedies. However, Sankalp Reddy took huge risk by picking war-based film. What’s more, it’s the first time in Indian history; an underwater war film is made. Sankalp started narrative interestingly with how Pak soldiers brutally killed Bengalis in internal war. It will take sometime for normal audience, maybe for most of people, to understand technical words like longitude and latitude of directions in see.

Kay Kay Menon’s dominating show starts ever since S-21 journey starts. Difference of opinion between Kay Kay and Rana creates a staid atmosphere in the ship. Then, it’s Atul’s duty to cool them every time they differ over something. When, Pak soldiers blast Bengali refugees’ ship, Rana assists those who escape alive. There’s scope to create tension, but this episode was dealt immaturely.

S-21 has limitations of safe journey until 250 meters. If it goes beyond 300 mtrs, anything can happen. In order to attack Ghazi, Menon orders to drive the ship at 300 mtrs underwater level. The consequences of how heavily flow of water force has its effect on ship are shown quite capably. Unexpected attacks from Ghazi make Indian Navy forces to change their plans.

Rana takes responsibility in second half. Director succeeded in creating tensions, but conclusion part for every tensed sequence was unpersuasive. Attack from Pak and counter attack from Ind in later part were portrayed compellingly.

Artists Performances:

Rana Daggubati won’t make much impact in first half. But, whole burden is put on his shoulders to run second half. It was a big challenge for Rana and he accepted it by giving his best. Conflicting sequences between Rana and Kay Kay Menon were absorbing. Kay Kay Menon was a pillar for the film. He steals the show in first half with his intensive performance. Atul Kulkarni is other big asset for the film. He struggles to settle things between Rana and Menon. Tapsee Pannu shines in a brief role. OM Puri was good and Satyadev played his part professionally. Other artists were okay. In fact, Sankalp’s job became bit easy with all talented artists putting maximum efforts.

Technical Aspect:

Sankalp Reddy must be appreciated for dealing a tough subject for his very first film. Apparently, he went for vigorous research to portray the patriotic story. He penned tight screenplay in association with Gunnam Gangarju and Niranjan Reddy. Madhie exhibited his experience in creating different moods for different situations and captured each and every frame engrossingly. K’s music is other major positivity. Computer graphics are top notch at most of the places, but were weak in very few episodes. Production values are high in standard.


Telugu filmmakers are of late coming up with unique subjects and audience encouraging them most of the times. Ghazi is another big experiment and the movie is definitely worth a watch in theaters. It has bright chances to shine at box office.

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Patriotism At Peaks


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