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YouTube Content Captions to Catch Audience Attention

The internet world got shocked by a video doing the rounds on actress Hebah Patel. However, this is in the movie itself. This is creating a sensation on the social media and internet and shows actor Raj Tarun’s friends exploiting Hebah Patel. Read on and check the details to know exactly what happened.

Sukumar Writings

This headline shocked many as there was a sensational YouTube video doing the rounds online with ‘Sukumar Writings’ heading.  This is the movie for the Telugu film called “Kumari 21F.” in the movie storyline the hero’s gang of friends sedate the heroine in the movie. Then they commit various crimes on her. The male lead is donned by Raj Tarun and the female lead is Hebah Patel in the movie ‘Kumari 21F.”

YouTube Content Captions to Catch Audience Attention

However, people, in general, do not expect such kinds of scenes to circulate online through it is part of the movie sequel. Reportedly when the Telugu flick scenes were in the process of officially uploading they were captioned by various catchy headings. Some of the examples include, “Hero’s realization scene from Kumari 21F”. Also, there was the film production house Sukumar’s own production house called “Sukumar Writings” uploaded the title “Raj Tarun Friends Molest Hebah Patel after sedating her”.

By reading between the lines the idea behind these headlines is another message to sensationalize the content. There are other headings for the uploaded clips to catch people’s attention that include: “Raj Tarun Tries To Force Hebah”, “Raj Tarun Goes To His New Girl Friend”, and “Kumari Goes Topless For Raj”. These are some of the tidbits as to what is being done on YouTube channel. With a star director like Sukumar owning the YouTube channel it is surprising why such content is uploaded just to create a sensation. Does it need this kind of content?

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