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What Went Wrong Between Rajamouli Krish

Though he is one of the leading directors in India right now, ace director SS Rajamouli promoted Krish directed Gautamiputra Satakarni as if it was of his own film. He spoke optimistically about the film and even interviewed Krish few days ago. Everything was perfect until a letter alleged to be written by Rajamouli praising Krish’s abilities was published in a leading daily and then in several websites.

Rajamouli clarified on the letter stating it wasn’t written by him. He further stated that, he didn’t get clarification from Krish’s enthusiastic team members who had actually written it.

Rajamouli’s phone call would obviously be the first shock for Krish after his comeback to India after few days’ promotions in USA. He might not have expected things would turn this ugly.

What actually made Rajamouli to react on the letter was one section of media deleteriously posted articles stating why a star director like Rajamouli was over-enthusiastic about other’s film? They alleged Rajamouli was unnecessarily praising the film and director which would damage his personal image.

Though Krish explained entire scenario to Rajamouli, the Baahubali director still wanted clarification from GPSK director’s team member who had written the letter taking excerpts from interview.

Obviously it was Krish’s team member’s fault, but not of Krish who was in USA when the letter was published in the paper. “Rajamouli should have avoided the issue or tweeted about it in a soft manner which would have ended the matter to end affably,” opine movie analysts.

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